Top 20 Retail Resume Objective Examples to Get More Interviews

Updated: October 1, 2020

Writing a career objective on a retail resume is not optional – it is a must-have. Without an objective statement, the resume risks losing focus. And a resume without focus is not considered as a good one. 

Your resume objective content needs to be short and precise – and informative. A couple of sentences highlighting your professional worth will suffice. Leave the rest of the information for later.

How to Write a Good Objective on a Retail Resume?

The structure of a resume objective is simple – which position are you applying for + how you qualify for that position + how much you can contribute to the company = a good resume objective.

To see how you can use this formula to write a rocking objective, refer to the objective statements below:

Best 20 Sample Objectives for Retail Resume

Retail Sales Associate Objectives

1. Seeking a position as a Retail Associate at Macy’s utilizing over 5 years’ experience in delivering prompt and efficient customer service in a retail setting to maximize revenue and increase client base.

2. Looking for a position as a Retail Sales Associate at JD’s Discounts. Offers exceptional expertise in serving customer demands by assisting them in locating merchandise, and leading them through the purchase procedure in an efficient and satisfactory manner.

3. Strong desire to work as a Retail Associate for Carson’s. Leveraging 6+ years’ track record in developing new and creative strategies to obtain new business, and servicing existing clients to ensure repeat business opportunities.

4. Customer service-oriented and tactful retail sales professional looking for a position at Burlington Stores. Bringing 3 years of hands-on experience in providing exceptional customer service through merchandising and assisting clients in purchasing.

Retail Merchandiser Objectives

5. A highly energetic individual looking for a Retail Merchandiser position with Carmax using a keen eye for details to manage product line appraisals and appropriate pricing for each product.

6. Detail-oriented Retail Merchandiser seeking a position at Costco. Bringing skills in stocking, displaying, and pricing merchandise to maximize the appeal and sale of items.

Retail Cashier Objectives

7. A passionate team-player seeking a job as a Retail Cashier at Walmart where excellent customer service and cash handling skills will be fully utilized to contribute to the smooth functioning of the store.

8. Looking for a position of Retail Cashier with K-Mart where I will be able to use my skills in cash management and basic accounting to run the store’s operations positively.

9. Energetic and experienced Retail Cashier seeking a position at Ross Stores to leverage excellent skills in handling the cash register, processing transactions, and performing tier-one tasks. Exceptional talent for greeting customers and directing them to the right aisles.

Retail Salesperson Objectives

10. Enthusiastic to obtain a Retail Salesperson position at Franklin Stores. Offering 6+ years’ hands-on experience in territory management and indoor/outdoor sales expertise to surpass customer satisfaction targets while meeting the company’s sales goals.

11. To work as a Retail Salesperson at K-Mart. Bringing a successful track record of providing tier-one services to ensure recurring business and customer retention.

12. Poised to act as a primary contact in a busy retail environment at Target, to ensure that customers’ shopping experience is positive by assisting them through every phase, from choosing products to paying cash.

Retail Clerk Objectives

13. Customer service-oriented Retail Clerk, seeking a position at Oldies. Offering extensive experience in handling the merchandise in a fast-paced environment with a high focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

14. Seeking a position as a Courtesy Clerk with Tesco using exceptional customer service skills and the ability to transport baggage to ensure the recurring business and increased profits

Retail Supervisor Objectives

15. Top performing Retail Supervisor with 5 years of experience in providing one on one customer service. Seeking a managerial position at Ross Stores where skills in customer support, payment handling, and providing marketing and sales support will be fully utilized.

16. Detail-oriented retail supervisor seeking a position at ABC Store. Leveraging strong retail leadership and team management skills to ensure that the retail setting runs without hitches and customers are satisfied.

Retail Manager Objectives

17. To obtain employment as a Retail Manager utilizing 9+ years’ first-hand experience in managing resources and people to engender sizable increases in customer base along with providing conflict resolution services and support to the company’s marketing and sales efforts.

18. To obtain a Retail Manager position with George’s using expertise in personnel management and store operations. Recognized for actively seeking out new business opportunities from both existing and new customers.

19. To work for Good Groceries as a Retail Manager bringing awareness of current trends in the retail arena and the capability to analyze consumer buyer behavior to manage a successful retail business.

20. Seasoned Retail Manager eager to work for ABC Company. Leveraging a track record of smooth running of the store by overseeing employees, preparing schedules, and ensuring the provision of positive customer services to surpass sales targets.