Assistant Store Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: March 26, 2022

Assistant Store Managers are responsible for managing a store in the absence of a manager or assistance thereof.

Owing to the long hours that stores generally operate on, some stores may hire more than one assistant manager.

Resume writing for an assistant store manager position is an art.

You need to balance all the resume sections well to create a coherent and attractive resume.

Candidates who are experienced often find it difficult to come up with concise single-page resumes while those with little experience face the opposite problem, i.e., not having enough material to fill up space.

Below are some useful resume writing tips for both types of candidates.

➜ If you have too much experience to fit on one page, either select the relevant one or include only that of the past five years. There is no need to detail ancient history. You can also save space by mentioning only the key accomplishments in the experience section while skipping the job description which the employer already knows.

➜ In case you have no experience, fill up space wisely and insert a detailed skills section to compensate for the short experience.


  1. Assistant Store Manager Cover Letter
  2. Assistant Store Manager Job Description

Assistant Store Manager Resume Example

Keith Cole
534 Downing Street
O Fallon, MO 24232
(000) 902-9999

“I am poised to manage store operations in a highly stimulating work environment.”

• Results-oriented assistant store manager with 16 years of hands-on experience working in busy retail environments.
• Competent in providing auxiliary services pertaining to employee scheduling, paperwork management, and cashier duties.
• Ability to conduct preventive store maintenance and necessary repairs.
• Recognized for prioritizing, delegating, and organizing assigned shift tasks.

• Some merchandising knowledge
• Strong organizational and communication skills
• Contemporary management style
• Proven ability to motivate others and work in a team environment
• Able to lead by example
• Proactive in problem resolution techniques


Store Assistant Manager
George’s Department Store – Fallon, MO                     
• Oversee store operations including merchandising and inventory
• Manage customer services and administrative aspects of the job
• Monitor sales benchmarks
• Train employees for customer management duties
• Prepare and transmit daily bookkeeping
• Manage daily banking duties
• Assume store manager responsibilities when necessary
• Develop employee work schedules
Key Achievements
• Reorganized the entire stocks and inventory system thereby managing organization of space and time
• Controlled fixed expenditure by bringing down variable costs through strategic means

Store Clerk and Stocker
R&R Security, Colorado Springs, CO             
• Greeted customers and guided them appropriately
• Offered exemplary customer service to every customer by meeting their requirements while completing their order
• Maintained cleanliness of equipment
• Stocked, rotated, blocked and maintained merchandise on shelves

Associate of Science in Retail Management
CITY COLLEGE, Colorado Springs, CO – 2006