Golf Course Superintendent Skills for Resume

Updated on: December 6, 2017

It is an ignored fact that the skills section on a Golf Course Superintendent resume makes it worth the hiring manager’s time and effort.

When you highlight your skills in a manner consistent with the prospective employer’s needs, you are doing him or her a great favor.

Hiring managers actively seek candidates who know what they are capable of, and are not shy in flaunting their attributes on a resume.

The problem with writing skills statements is that they are often confused with job duties. When a candidate sits down to write his or her skills, he or she needs to make sure that the difference is made clear. Job duties are acts that you perform every day to ensure that your job description is satisfied. Skills are attributes that you possess which help you perform your duties effectively. The difference is clear.

One of the main reasons skills are considered so important is the fact that they talk about the future. By going through a skills list, a hiring manager can easily gauge what your capabilities are, which will make you a good addition to the team. And since all employers would essentially want that the people they hire are pre-trained, the skills section aims to tell them what the person is capable of, and how much resources he will take up, where training is concerned.

To see how skills statements are coined, have a look at the following samples:


Sample Skills for Golf Course Superintendent Resume


• Demonstrated expertise in preparing and maintaining the annual golf course maintenance and budget plans.

• Highly skilled in planning, organizing, and directing the maintenance and construction of putting greens, tees, fairways, and bunkers.

• Effectively able to supervise the planting and cultural practices involved in growing various turf grasses, trees, and ornamental plants and shrubs.

• Deep familiarity with creating and implementing strategies to ensure the effective and efficient operations of assigned golf course grounds.

• Exceptionally talented in the planning of all maintenance and project work, with a great ability to apply agronomic and administrative expertise, to ensure smooth operations.

• Proficient in diagnosing and managing deficiencies associated with soil disease, desiccation, and winter kill.

• Adept at determining proper allocation of grass seed and sprigs, and soil and sand mixtures, to maintain golf courses according to standardizations.

• Competent in handling budgets for equipment and supplies purchases, and exercising cost control measures.

• Proven ability to provide excellent advice on renovations, improvements, both major and minor construction for rebuilding, and additional nursery yardage.