Golf Course Maintenance Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 12, 2021

A cover letter for the golf course maintenance resume is considered the most important document in a job application set. This is because it has the capacity to provide detailed information along many turfs.

These include the professional and personal attributes of an individual, both of which are extremely important for hiring managers.

Remember that a lot of time, money, and effort will be spent in hiring and training you, and the hiring manager won’t mind spending it on people who are worth the time and each cent spent on them!

Here is a cover letter sample for a Golf Course Maintenance Worker Resume that you can use to highlight yourself as an individual who is worth both these things:

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Golf Course Maintenance Cover Letter Example

Ralph Price
632 Maple Street
Lindsborg, KS 85232
(000) 101-4444
Ralph @ email . com

August 12, 2021

Mr. Carl Cook
Hiring Manager
Whistling Straits
6047 13th Avenue
Lindsborg, KS 87896

Dear Mr. Cook:

As part of the landscaping team that was responsible for carefully carving out the Jacobson Golf Course on 18th Avenue, you will find my portfolio (enclosed) to be interesting. Since the Jacobson Gold Course has won the Best Green Premises Award, set by the Horticulture Authority of Kansas, the demand for seasoned golf course maintenance workers has increased manifold.

Through the following skills, I can help create Whistling Straits into something more spectacular than it already is:

  • Demonstrated expertise in using landscaping and gardening equipment to shape and maintain golf courses, in accordance to set ground plans.
  • Highly experienced in performing mass planting, weeding and mulching duties to ensure coverage of a large span of land.
  • Exceptionally well-versed in maintaining fairways and adjacent properties to ensure aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

With a great ability to handle arithmetic measuring duties, computing the amount of materials to be used for golf course maintenance work, and deep insight into inspecting products to be used to ensure conformity to quality standards, I will be an instant and valuable contribution to your team. Next Wednesday, I will call your office to determine a suitable meeting time. If you need to contact me in the interim, please do so at (000) 101-4444.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ralph Price

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