Golf Course Superintendent Job Description

Updated on: December 6, 2017

Position Overview

A golf course superintendent has a lot of responsibility on his or her shoulders. The work is intense, and all of it has to be done in manner no less than perfect.

What exactly is it that a golf course superintendent does? It is his or her responsibility to make sure that the entire work related to planting, maintenance, disease control, and budgets is handled in a proper manner, and that any issues that may arise are managed before they become crises.

Position Requirements

Working as a golf course superintendent means that you have to possess a degree in agronomy. This will ensure that you know all there is to know about handling the maintenance and upkeep of greens and bunkers. Some golf clubs hire people without a degree as well, provided that the experience and exposure are a lot to write home about. As a golf course superintendent, it will be your responsibility to make sure that the assigned course is usable and aesthetically pleasing to the players.

Since designing a golf course is not an easy thing to do, you will be required to possess some knowledge of landscapes as they pertain to golf courses, and you will be asked to work with golf course landscapers to ensure that the outward look is nicely shaped.

Additionally, it will be on your shoulders to make sure that the chemicals being used in the course are properly mixed and safely applied. Technically, you will be responsible for many things, including strategizing irrigation work, and managing liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely and efficient delivery of supplies and equipment.

A list of job duties particular to the position of a golf course superintendent is provided below for reference purposes:


Golf Course Superintendent Duties and Responsibilities


• Scan assigned golf courses to determine requirements for changes or additions.

• Work with golf course landscapers to strategize workable and aesthetically pleasing course landscapes.

• Create, develop and implement core strategies to ensure that assigned golf courses have the benefit of efficient irrigation systems.

• Assume responsibility for all phases of golf course maintenance and agronomic functions, as they relate to the particular golf course.

• Direct the construction and maintenance of assigned golf course grounds.

• Design landscape plans for facility grounds, tweaking them where and when necessary.

• Oversee the care and maintenance of the tee, turns, ornamental plants, shrubs, trees, and wetlands.

• Supervise crew members in the planting and oversight of new plantation, placing special focus on design

• Ascertain that all staff members are assigned their duties in a proper manners, and oversee their work to ensure that the duties are being carried out according to schedule.

• Create and maintain effective relationships with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely and efficient delivery of golf course maintenance supplies and equipment.