Network Cable Installer Resume Sample

Updated on: July 15, 2021

Your resume is the primary document that is needed to apply for a network cable installer job.

When the going gets tough, it is your resume that projects your candidature in front of a hiring authority.

Since it is a comprehensive document that outlines each and every aspect of your professional existence, it needs to be written with a lot of attention.

Whether your resume is read or just skimmed through, it is important to make it look good, on the off chance that it will get read.

Here is an example to guide you.

Sample Resume for Network Cable Installer Position

Armand Lone
875 9th Avenue S
Great Falls, MT 85212
(000) 999-9999
arlo @ email . com


• A technically inclined network cable installer who has 12+ years of experience in planning network installations by following technical specifications aimed at establishing workable network solutions.
• Unmatched ability to establish voice and data networks by running, pulling, terminating copper and fiber optic cables.
• Adept at mounting telecommunications equipment, routers, and switches following all industry standards and manufacturer requirements.
• Effectively able to install cable pathway systems using both manual and power fasteners and drills.
• Competent at maintaining a safe working environment by ensuring conformance to workplace safety standards.

• Successfully installed an entire network spanning 9 offices within the given timeframe of 22 days.
• Proven instrumental in designing a complex network involving 2 WANs and 2 MANs.
• Extended an existing network to cover the company’s offices across three states.
• Implemented a series of network installation validation testing procedures which reduced network downtime by 92%.

PIS PAX, Great Falls, MT
(6/2017 to Present)
Network Cable Installer
• Determine types of network cables to be installed according to each work order.
• Obtain cables and other correlating materials to perform network installation work.
• Run new cabling in both new and existing buildings by following blueprints and building designs.
• Establish voice and data networks by terminating and splicing copper wires and fiber optic cables.
• Install cable pathway systems such as cable trays and racks by using drills and other power equipment.
• Maintain existing networks by performing testing and running procedures.
• Ascertain that all supplies, materials, and equipment needed for cable installation are available.
• Troubleshoot wiring problems as and when they arise to ensure the consistent running of networks.

(11/2007 to 5/2017)
Network Technician
• Provided support in determining network cabling solutions by assessing work sites.
• Assisted in separating wire cables and colors so that they can be used appropriately.
• Removed loose wires and debris from work sites before and after work is completed.
• Assisted in assembling and installing communication equipment such as data and telephone lines.
• Inspected and maintained network installation equipment to keep it ready for work processes.
• Handled inventory of supplies and equipment and followed up on procurement activities.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
Major: Networking

• Copper Splicing
• Site Inspection
• Resources Determination
• Network Designs
• Network Extensions
• Validation Testing
• Materials Inventory
• Circuit Testing
• Equipment Assembly
• Wiring Maintenance
• Circuit Layouts
• Test Reading Analysis