Entry Level Cable Installer Cover Letter (No Experience)

Updated on March 7, 2018

A cable installer usually works on a contractual basis where his primary job is to install cables for residences and businesses.

It is a skilled job, and people working at this job need to possess solid knowledge of this work to be able to work efficiently.

Take a look at a cover letter sample for a person applying for their first job as Cable Installer.



Entry Level Cable Installer Cover Letter with No Experience



77 Coral Lane
Webster, NY 52553

March 7, 2018

Mr. Timothy Mark
Manager HR
Cable Guys
33 Bright Street
Webster, NY 66333


Dear Mr. Mark:

This letter is to express a keen interest in the position of a Cable Installer with Cable Guys that you placed on your website last week. I possess a vast knowledge of installation and maintenance of cables which is why I deem myself the best contender for this position.

I understand that this job requires an individual to manage upgrades, downgrades, installations, and disconnections, and I possess lots of skills of handling all of these. Through my work with other cable installers, I have had the opportunity to learn the use of pertinent tools and equipment. Additionally, my exceptional communication skills will help me deliver my strengths to their best and gain hands-on experience simultaneously.

As an enthusiastic and driven cable installer, I’d like to meet with you in person to discuss my relative strengths in detail. I will call you after six working days to see if a meeting time can be arranged. If you need any additional information regarding my credentials, you may contact me anytime at (000) 529-1201.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Edward Hagues

Enc. Resume