Sign Language Interpreter Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: July 9, 2020

Sign language interpreters are very important people in institutes or companies where there are hearing impaired or deaf students.

If you are a qualified sign language interpreter, you should write a resume to impact it upon the hiring manager that you can offer much in this regard.

A resume for a sign language interpreter position needs to hold solid information on your previous experience and current skills. Also, your achievements in this role should be highlighted in the resume.

Sample Resume for Sign Language Interpreter

Wesley Wright
87 7th Street, Jersey City, NJ65422
(000) 453-3232


Competent Sign Language Interpreter, with over 8 years of experience in working with deaf and hearing-impaired individuals. Offering competencies in helping students understand spoken language by effectively converting it into sign language. Ability to adhere to the ethics of interpreting, and the role of an interpreter.

Initial Assessment | Interpretation, and Transliteration
Transcribing | Relationship Maintenance
Technical Vocabulary | Service Requests Coordination
Oral Interpretation | Training, and Development
Student Oversight | Process Improvement
Lesson Plan Development | Lesson Adjustment

• Wrote a short booklet on sign language training methods for newly hired interpreters
• Chosen as the only interpreter to lead a concert by hearing-impaired students


Sign Language Interpreter
Top College, Jersey City, NJ
• Engage 10+ students in conversation per day to determine their specific interpretation needs
• Create and implement lesson plans to meet individual students’ learning requirements
• Establish and maintain positive relationships with students and staff members
• Provide interpreter services for students and staff
• Serve as a liaison to promote good public relations between students, peers, staff, and faculty members
• Provide a full range of interpreting and transliteration services
• Facilitate communication through implementation of a variety of sign languages
• Collect and correlate materials used in regular and specialized classroom work
• Maintain equipment and resources used in explaining concepts to students
• Oversee classroom behavior, and intervene where necessary
• Monitor students in order to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing

Sign Language Interpreter Assistant
Trent School, Jersey City, NJ
• Assisted in developing and implementing core lesson plans
• Oversaw students to ensure that they remained safe during class
• Interpreted auditory information to help students understand
• Conveyed thoughts and feelings between peers as best as possible
• Conferred with classroom teachers in order to determine resource development work

Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education
New Jersey State University, Jersey City, NJ – 2009

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