Sample Resume for Christmas Jobs

Updated on: October 9, 2022

The need for retail professionals around Christmas time becomes more rampant.

Since more and more customers are hitting the stores for last-minute presents and supplies, more staff is needed to look after them. This is where retail clerks come in!

They assist customers with purchases by helping them choose and decide what to buy and ring purchases for them.

A typical resume for Christmas jobs will look something like the following example. This resume format is very useful for all kinds of casual and temporary jobs during Christmas celebrations.

Sample Resume for Christmas Jobs (Retail Clerk)

Emily Anderson
56 Canberra Street
Silver Spring, MD 77363
(000) 999-9009

Looking for a position as a Seasonal Retail Clerk with Hyper Market to utilize excellent skills in customer service provision in a retail environment to maximize profits.

• Demonstrated ability to greet customers and provide them with exceptional services
• Five years of functional knowledge of operating and balancing cash registers
• Profound knowledge of inventory management
• Highly skilled in displaying merchandise
• In-depth knowledge of managing records and paperwork
• Computer: POS, MS Office Applications, Email, Internet,
• Multilingual: English, Spanish, and German


Retail Sales Clerk
K-MART – Silver Spring, MD
(Nov 2021 – Mar 2022)
Key Achievements
• Increased sales of gift items by 20% by soliciting sales based on self-developed marketing strategies.
• Awarded Retail Clerk of the Year award following supervisor feedback based on excellence in customer service provision and cashiering activities.
Key Responsibilities
• Greeted customers as they arrive
• Provided them with directions around the store
• Operated POS system and adding machines
• Received and managed inventory
• Performed data entry duties
• Managed records and paperwork
• Marked prices as directed
• Cleaned work area

ABC HIGH SCHOOL, Silver Spring, MD, 2006

• Excellent skills in written and oral communication skills
• Detail oriented and well organized
• Able to perform basic mathematical calculations
• Good understanding of providing above-par customer services
• Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced and busy environment
• Able to manage stress effectively