Sample Solicitation Letter for Christmas Party Donations

Updated on November 10, 2018

A solicitation letter, especially if written for Christmas party donations, must be well-structured.

It should start on an interesting note so that donors’ interest is piqued.

However, writing solicitation letters is not always easy. After all, you are asking for something, and not really offering anything in return.

It is important to remember to focus on what the donor will receive out of giving charity – emotional satisfaction.

Writing a solicitation letter is not too difficult if you know the right person in the donor organization.

All you have to do is touch the right strings.

Here is a solicitation letter sample, written to acquire Christmas party decorations:


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Sample Solicitation Letter for Christmas Party Donations


November 10, 2018

Mr.Ashton Bailey
5287 Deep Sea Road
North Little Rock, AR 37889


Dear Mr. Bailey:

Christmas is a month and a half away, and the children at Rainbow People are already excited. As you know, we arrange a Christmas party for children every year, and this year is no different.

For Christmas 2018, we would like to decorate our halls, especially the common area. However, there is a shortage of good decorations, the likes of which we cannot afford to buy from the market. As you are aware, Rainbow People focuses on the wellbeing and health of orphaned children, and helps place them in foster homes, or up for adoption. Our entire focus is on this area, which leaves us with little funds for other things.

As far as the actual decorations go, we would like to acquire a medium-sized Christmas tree, some stockings, decorative candy, and buntings. In addition to this, if you can manage, a few raffle prizes will be appreciated.

In case it is difficult for you to arrange for the items mentioned above, we wouldn’t mind cash donations, so that we can purchase them ourselves. Due to the limited time before Christmas, we request a prompt response from your end.

The staff at Rainbow People is grateful for all the help that it has received from ROAD USA in the past. We also thank you for your support during our most trying times.

We hope to continue this relationship with you. If you need any further information regarding the Christmas party, please feel free to contact us at (000) 999-0000.



Dustin Roman
Rainbow People
77 Red Road
North Little Rock, AR 91837

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