Rehabilitation Nurse Objectives for Resume

Updated on: January 4, 2017

Objectives for rehab nurse resume were once shunned by experts who claimed that they do more harm than good. Not surprisingly, the resume objective has stuck due to its ability to reach out to the reader even if it is just a short blurb of what a candidate is capable of. In actuality, this short blurb has the capacity to make facts clear for hiring managers, who are on the lookout for employees who can make a great contribution to their companies.

Contrary to what the “experts” believe, beginning your resume with an objective gives it direction and purpose. A resume that does not host an objective gives the impression that the information in it is out of sync. And this impression is something that the hiring manager can do without!

Impressing a hiring manager through an objective statement is step one. But this first step does give you a lot where impression and interest is concerned. And since getting the hiring manager to keep reading your resume is your basic goal, it is best to write one that is exceptionally “telling” about you as a possible employee.

And here are some examples:


Sample Objectives for Rehabilitation Nurse Resume


• Desire a position as a Rehabilitation Nurse at Fifty Health Care bringing 8+ years’ track record of success creating, developing and implementing individualized rehabilitation programs to meet the specific needs of each assigned patient.

• Highly experienced and hardworking Rehabilitation Nurse seeking an opportunity to work at Advanced Health Systems. Offers successful track record of assisting patients gain back their physical and emotional strength.

• Seeking a Rehabilitation Nurse position at Sava Healthcare utilizing expertise in coordinating education and activities to help patients meet their rehabilitation goals. Especially well-versed in working with patients suffering from chronic diseases such as MS and MG.

• Looking for a Rehabilitation Nurse position at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Center. Eager to apply talents in coordinating nursing activities with set rehabilitation programs to assist patients in regaining their physical and emotional strength.

• To work as a Rehabilitation Nurse for The Wholesome Deal applying skills in providing patients and their families with emotional support to aid the rehabilitation process. Enthusiastic to contribute to patients’ wellness and comfort by coordinating all aspects of care for each assigned patient.

• Top-performing Rehabilitation Nurse with over 6 years of relevant experience looking for a position at Hallmark Health System. Offering exceptional skills in evaluating patients to determine their need for rehabilitation, and providing insight to ensure delivery of exceptional rehabilitation support.