Farmer Resume Sample

Updated on: July 8, 2021

Resumes for farmer position bring good results only if they are handled with extreme care and caution at the development level.

A resume is probably the most “serious” document in the farmer job hunt process which means that it often gets more than a cursory glance by a hiring manager.

What does one do to make sure that one’s resume rocks the hiring manager’s world?

One makes it relevant and concise. By putting in significant information, you are doing yourself (and the hiring manager) a great favor.

Your resume should be written along these lines:

Sample Resume for Farmer Position

Robert Nelson
601 E Valley Road
Torrington, WY 42020
(000) 656-8546
robnel @ email . com


Performance Profile
Physically agile individual with extensive farming experience spanning over 13 years. Demonstrated expertise in tending to work in dairy, animal and crop production environments. Adept at planning finances and production to maintain farm progress against budgeting parameters.

• Proficient in handling practical activities such as driving tractors and operating farm machineries.
• Documented success in maintaining and monitoring the quality of yield pertaining to both livestock and crops.
• Deep insight into monitoring animal health and welfare by effectively liaising with veterinary doctors.
• Exceptional ability to handle pests and diseases with a deep sense of how they are spread and ways of treating them.


(11/2017 to Present)
• Feed and tend to livestock and ensure that they are kept safe at all times.
• Use milk machines to milk cows and sheep by ensuring that proper procedures are taken into account.
• Operate tractors and harvesters and ensure that their maintenance and repair is done on time.
• Apply pesticides and fertilizers to crops in appropriate quantities and direct the work of farm hands and seasonal help.
• Design and lay down irrigation networks and use irrigation equipment to ensure that water is provided to every crop layer.
• Enlist the help of veterinary doctors to ensure that livestock is vaccinated on time and to ensure the overall health and wellbeing of animals.
• Dig and plant seeds and handle seedlings transplant by keeping in mind weather patterns.
• Harvest fruits and vegetables and ensure that they are kept safely stored before it is time for them to be marketed.
Key Achievements
• Saved the entire livestock from Mad Cow Disease by quickly determining which animal had the disease and isolating it on time.
• Implemented a system to sound alarms 50 minutes before the onset of a inclement weather, making it easy to put preventative measures in place,
• Harvested 95% of the crop despite extreme weather conditions, minimizing loss by 88%,

Farm Hand
(1/2002 to 11/2017)
• Assisted farmers in digging and planting seeds and applying pesticides to ensure crop health.
• Provided support in handling livestock by ensuring their wellbeing and safety.
• Harvested crops by employing predefined procedures and ensured that they are stored in ideal conditions.
• Assisted in milking activities and made that all milking equipment and farm machinery is kept clean and maintained.
• Cultivated soil and sowed crops along ensuring that proper weed control procedures are put in place.

High School Diploma

– Financial Planning
– Supplies Management
– Farm Product Marketing
– Weather Implications
– Biodiversity Maintenance
– Disease Control
– Milking Equipment Use
– Sanitation
– Sick Animal Quarantine
– Crop Harvesting
– Irrigation Systems
– Pasture Maintenance