Entry-Level Farmer Resume No Experience

Updated on: January 24, 2023

Are you seeking an entry-level position as a farmer?

If yes, then you need a well-written resume to get noticed by potential employers.

Writing a resume for the first time can be difficult. Here are some helpful resume-writing tips for beginners or entry-level applicants:

  1. Select a simple resume template or make your own.
  2. Enter your name, address, and current contact information.
  3. Start your resume with a strong objective statement.
  4. Include information about your qualifications and skills, as well as interests and hobbies.
  5. Mention any volunteer work or internship experience.

Here is a Farmer resume sample for entry-level candidates.

Sample Farmer Resume With No Experience

Carl Mason
891 Westerly Avenue
Argyle, TX 55555
(000) 115-9654
carl .mason @ email .com

Highly motivated and physically dexterous individual seeking an entry-level Farmer position at Manila Farms. Bringing knowledge of farming techniques, and proficiency in tractor driving. Familiar with handheld and mechanized farming tools.

• Passionate to prepare the soil, aerating it, and applying fertilizers for sowing.
• Capable of administering pesticides and herbicides to crops as needed.
• Proficient in pruning the branches to maximize productivity.
• Well-versed in harvesting orchids and grading the produce according to quality.
• Familiar with various modern irrigation and farming techniques.
• Knowledge of mechanized farming techniques.
• Ability to take care of farm animals, as well as milking and feeding them.


Farming Volunteer
Minick Ranch, Argyle, TX
Oct 2022- Jan 2023
• Assisted farmers in preparing and applying fertilizers to the soil.
• Carried out the manual and mechanized seed sowing tasks.
• Irrigated the crop and orchids and pruned the branches as needed.
• Assisted in the administration of pesticides and herbicides.
• Helped with the harvesting and packaging of produce.
• Looked after the farm animals at the ranch.
• Cleaned the pens, milked the cows, and fed the animals and chickens.
• Prepared mineral mixture for the milking animals and administered their regular medication as instructed.
• Maintained the ranch premises in a neat and hygienic condition.

• Regular volunteer at Argyle Animal shelter since 2019

High School Diploma
St. Joseph’s High, Argyle, TX

Current Driver’s License

English and Spanish

• Gardening
• Painting

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