Appointment Setter Resume Sample [+Job Description & Skills]

Updated on: May 11, 2023

Resumes for appointment setter positions are usually not more than a page long. This document is supposed to host a candidate’s work experience and transferable skills that are relevant to the job.

An Appointment Setter resume should be well-structured, that is to say, all information is supplied under specific headings.

The following resume example will guide you on how to write an effective cover letter for an appointment setter position.

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Appointment Setter Resume Example

Chelsie Simpson
433 Normandy Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 54500
(000) 999-9565

I offer a strong “hunter” approach to sales.

• Over 9 years of experience working as an Appointment Setter.
• Demonstrated ability to schedule appointments effectively and coordinate multiple schedules.
• Proficient in making telephone calls in order to secure appointments for meeting with potential clients.
• Excellent experience in communicating with customers, business owners, and decision-makers by employing superior selling skills.
• Superb knowledge of developing qualified leads through telephone canvassing, prospecting emails, and referrals.

• CRM Appointment Setting
• Inside Sales • Telemarketing
• Customer Service • Communication
• Time management • Goal setting
• Drive to meet sales objectives
• Ability to support outside team

• Exceeded expectations by providing 100% qualified leads that developed into full-fledged customers within 3 months of joining the company
• Finished sales quota 5 months earlier than targeted


Appointment Setter
Carvertising – Cincinnati, OH
2012 – Present
• Make cold calls to potential customers keeping in mind the DND list
• Set qualified sales appointments for sales personnel to follow up on
• Assist management in exceeding sales quota
• Maintain records of all telemarketing activities including calls and follow-ups

Appointment Setter
ABC Company – Cincinnati, OH
2009 – 2012
• Focused on customers to build trust and resolve problems
• Demonstrated good telephone and telemarketing etiquette
• Recognized as an enthusiastic learner and self-motivated individual
• Scheduled, rescheduled, and canceled patient appointments as required
• Answered questions regarding basic procedures

High School Diploma
Cincinnati High School, Cincinnati, OH

“I have the right enthusiasm and aptitude for developing rapport with clients.”

Sample Job Description for Appointment Setter Resume

  • Take information from supervisors regarding cold/warm calling techniques
  • Call potential customers by following the calling list provided by supervisors
  • Greet customers as they pick up the phone and introduce yourself and the company
  • Provide information regarding the service or product in question
  • Answer any questions that the potential customer asks to the best of their ability
  • Make sure that the potential customer is not interrupted during conversation or questions
  • Take information from potential customers regarding their specific product or service needs
  • Jot down all information on a piece of paper or directly onto the company database
  • Ask potential customers about a particular time when they will be free to receive calls
  • Set appointments with potential customers at their convenience
  • Express gratitude to potential customers for their time
  • Assign a member of the sales force to each potential customer by providing briefs of conversation and customer needs
  • Ensure that the sales force member follows up with potential customers
  • Document all calls made to potential customers

Appointment Setter Skills for Resume

Hard Skills

  • Phone calls and email handling
  • Appointments scheduling
  • Cold calling
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Leads generation
  • Customers need determination
  • Information gathering
  • Meetings and conference scheduling
  • Adjusting sales scripts

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Friendly and polite
  • Customer service
  • Team player
  • Alert
  • Quick
  • Attention to detail

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