Top 6 Appointment Setter Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: January 3, 2023

So now that you have received an interview for an appointment setter position, it is time to prepare for it.

Unless you are not comfortable with what the work is all about, you will not have any issues at the interview.

Nonetheless, you have to prepare for the interview as best as you can, so that you can come across as a great candidate for the position.

At the interview, you will be asked several questions that will judge your knowledge of the work – and some that will be aimed at finding out what your specific personality is.

You have to ace both types of questions.

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A set of interview questions and answers for an appointment setter position is provided here:

6 Common Appointment Setter Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why are you so sure that you are the right person for us to hire as an appointment setter?

I am an extremely organized individual, with a great ability to multitask. Since I possess 5 years of experience as an appointment setter, I will not need to be trained.

Also, I possess exposure to 2 different types of industries, and both target your specific work. In addition, I am well-versed in performing cold-calling work and handling appointment-setting duties in a profound manner.

I believe that this array of skills makes me an excellent person to hire as an appointment setter in your company.

2. What do you find most difficult about the work?

To be perfectly honest, I do not find the work difficult at all. True, it can be challenging at times, but then that is how I roll – with challenges!

3. What is the most challenging part of the work in your opinion?

I believe that making cold calls is quite a challenge. This is because one runs into a lot of people who are uninterested, and at times they can be quite unpleasant.

4. How do you deal with the unpleasantries of this work?

I am trained not to react negatively. If I come across an individual who is not happy to receive my call, I simply apologize and hang up.

5. What do you know about DND lists?

I give great priority to DND lists. The first thing that I do when making calls is to ensure that the list is considered.

6. Why do you like working as an appointment setter?

An appointment setter gets to work with different people every single day. There is so much to learn, which is my prime reason for wanting to work in this position.

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