Anesthetist Resume Sample

Updated: March 5, 2018


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Anesthetist Resume Example




Justin Henderso

690 Central Avenue, Minot, ND 56201
(000) 142-3243
j.hen @ email . com


Over 11 years of experience in the preoperative preparation of surgical patients. Highly skilled in handling resuscitation and stabilization of patients within surgical and emergency environments. Ability to monitor patients before, during and after anesthesia and counteract adverse reactions and complications.
• Efficiently records type and amount of anesthesia and patient condition throughout surgical procedures.
• Competent to provide and maintain life support and airway management, in addition to helping patients prepare for surgical procedures.
• Ability to position patients on operating tables to maximize their comfort and surgical accessibility.


✓ Anesthesia Administration ✓ Patient Positioning ✓ Life Support Techniques
✓ Stability Management ✓ Patient Monitoring ✓ Airway Management
✓ Sedation Techniques ✓ Condition Assessment ✓ Patient Preparation
✓ Consultancy ✓ Intensive Care ✓ Pain Management

• Simultaneously administered anesthesia to 5 patients, victims of an arson attack, ensuring that all five were timely prepared for surgical procedures.
• Introduced a sedation technique, which was considered 50% safer than the one already being used by the hospital.
• Implemented a patient monitoring system, which reduced the risk of emergent situations getting out of hand.
• Successfully provided consistent life support to a 6-year-old child in the coma, for three months.


GW Medical Facility, Minot, ND | 11/2012 – Present
• Confer with medical and nursing staff to determine assigned patients’ conditions and ongoing treatments.
• Look through patients’ charts and files to determine histories such as allergic reactions.
• Perform relevant elements of physical examination to ensure patient stability before a medical event.
• Ascertain that anesthesia delivery systems are pretested and calibrated before administration.
• Establish both basic and advanced airway interventions such as intubation and ventilator support.
• Administer anesthetic drugs and ensure that vasoactive infusions are started and appropriately adjusted.
• Monitor patients during surgical procedures, ensuring their well-being and health.
• Assist in administering blood, blood products, and supportive fluids as instructed.

Anesthetic Assistant
The Grand Surgical Hospital, Minot, ND | 2/2006 – 11/2012
• Prepared and calibrated anesthesia dispensing equipment on a regular basis.
• Prepared patients for surgical procedures, ensuring their wellbeing and safety at all times.
• Ascertained that the anesthetist had access to patient information logs, charts, and histories.
• Assisted anesthetists with the implementation of medically accepted monitoring techniques.
• Assisted cardiovascular resuscitation team in response to life-threatening situations.

North Dakota State University, Minot, ND – 2009
Master’s Degree in Medicine