Anesthesiologist Assistant Resume Sample

Updated: March 25, 2018

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Anesthesiologist Assistant Resume Example



Walter Paige
17 Lead Avenue, Aberdeen, SD 66723
(000) 652-5274
[email protected]


Over 7 years of experience assisting in the preparation and administration of anesthesia. Exceptionally talented in handling patients during postoperative recovery stages, taking and recording complete health histories of assigned patients, and administering necessary diagnostic and lab tests to ensure patient stability. Effectively able to perform a detailed physical examination to identify any issues that may affect anesthesia care plans.


Anesthesia Administration Delivery Systems Calibration Continuity of Care
Life Support Assistance Pain Management Anesthesia Adjustment
Airway Management Physical Examinations Patient Monitoring
Preparatory Procedures Sample Collection Progress Monitoring

• Streamlined patient preparatory procedures, making them 75% more efficient than before.
• Introduced comfortable sample collection procedures, which proved to be highly popular with patients.
• Implemented a novel patient monitoring system, which was considered exceptionally efficient by the operating room staff members.
• Devised an anesthesia delivery system, in sync with current industry standards, bringing the hospital up to date.


Anesthesiologist Assistant
Sava Healthcare, Aberdeen, SD                            [2012 – Present]
• Engage patients in conversation to make them comfortable with the anesthesia procedure.
• Assess patients before administering anesthesia to make sure that their health is in order.
• Follow instructions to set up and calibrate anesthesia delivery systems, according to each surgical case.
• Order diagnostic and lab tests to ensure that patients are ready for anesthesia administration.
• Assist anesthesiologists in administering anesthesia, and ensuring that proper levels are maintained.
• Monitor patients during surgical procedures to ensure that they are in good health.
• Provide airway management interventions, to include ventilatory support and tracheal intubation.
• Document patients’ conditions and progress rates during the postoperative recovery period.

Anesthesiologist Assistant
Aurora Healthcare, Aberdeen, SD                         [2007 – 2012]
• Assisted in setting up anesthesia trolleys and tables, ensuring that all instruments and supplies were present.
• Provided support for taking and recording assigned patients’ medical histories.
• Created records of patients, and their health statuses, in a predetermined manner.
• Oversaw the availability of anesthesia supplies, instruments, and equipment in inventory.
• Assisted in monitoring and adjusting levels of anesthesia during surgical procedures.

Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine
Major: Anesthesiology
South Dakota State University, Aberdeen, SD              [2005]