Anesthesia Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: May 21, 2023

An Anesthesia Technician is a 1-page document that is required to apply for a new job.

Even if you are not applying for a job, it is recommended to keep your resume updated.

Here is a sample to guide you in this regard:

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Anesthesia Technician Resume Example

Maria Wright
London, KY 55822
(000) 785-5211
maria.wright@email . com


Anesthesia Technician with 8 years of extensive experience in performing technical functions associated with the administration of anesthesia. Prepares and sets equipment for anesthesia procedures according to established protocols. Natural ability to assist anesthetists with monitoring, induction, and intubation of patients. Proven success in providing assistance in the preparation of supplies and maintenance of equipment and anesthesia delivery systems.

– Patient Preparation – Equipment Maintenance
– Inventory Management – Equipment Setup
– Emergency Response – Infection Control
– IV Administration – Waste Control
– Patient Education – Troubleshooting
– Procedure Monitoring – Intubation Support


Anesthesia Technician
GW Medical Center, London, KY
10/2016 – Present
• Set up and calibrate anesthesia administration equipment, ensuring that it is in good working order.
• Prepare patients for anesthesia administration by providing them with information on what to expect
• Position patients so that they are lying down comfortably and allow access to the anesthetist.
• Provide anesthetists with information on patients’ histories and medical backgrounds.
• Maintain anesthesia medication, supplies, and equipment in accordance with needs and schedules.
• Clean, organize, and maintain anesthesia workrooms, supplies, and equipment according to established standards.
• Prepare and maintain patient monitoring devices and anesthesia delivery systems to meet the needs of various patient groups.
• Assist with the transport of patients and laboratory specimens, ensuring the safety of both at all times.
Selected Accomplishments
• Saved a patient’s life who went into a cardiac problem during an intubation process, by providing her with immediate CPR.
• Improvised a system to handle waste control issues, which was considered 95% more successful than the one already in place.

Surgical Assistant
The Grand Surgical Hospital, London, KY
2/2009 – 10/2016
• Assisted surgical staff members in preparing patients for procedures and surgeries.
• Laid out all required resources and supplies before the commencement of each procedure.
• Provided patients with information on surgical and anesthetic procedures in order to calm them down.
• Ensured the cleanliness and sanitization of surgical areas on a constant basis.
• Prepared and updated patients’ charts and logs with the latest information, such as responses to medication.
• Effectively performed daily preventative maintenance of all equipment and troubleshoot malfunctions.
Selected Accomplishments
• Devised a patient education plan, which was highly successful in explaining anesthesia administration procedures and outcomes to the layman.
• Implemented a supplies inventory system, replacing the old and inefficient one.

Certified Surgical Technologist – 2009
Anesthesia Delivery Systems and Monitoring – 2008

Kentucky High School, London, KY – 2007

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