Satellite Installer Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 4, 2018

How does an employer tell a good cover letter from a bad one?

For an employer, gauging the difference is the easiest thing in the world, because he does it every day.

Your cover letter for a satellite installer job will be considered as good if it appeals to the employer because of the accuracy and relevance it provides – to his requirements. A not so good one will be a letter that is vague and has no actual direction.

Unleashing your inner writer is important if you want to write a satellite installer cover letter that will be given high consideration. But it is not just the writing part that is important – researching the position to make sure that you qualify is equally important.

You cannot just bank on any job description for a given position – it is best if you concentrate on the one that the employer has provided in his advertisement particularly. Taking out keywords and using them in your cover letter is what will make you go a step further than other people applying for the same job.

Look for hidden hints in an advertisement to highlight your skills and qualifications for a job. Wherever possible, put in a few of your work-related accomplishments as well. And your cover letter should end up looking a little like this:


Satellite Installer Cover Letter Example


Robin Miff
542 Alex Ave
Hope, RI 52411
(000) 145-7474

March 4, 2018

Mr. Curt Bain
Hiring Manager
Clear Sky Technologies
665 Cope Street
Hope, RI 02125


Dear Mr. Bain:

If you are in search of a performance-focused and dependable Satellite Installer, perhaps we should talk.

After a dedicated apprenticeship at Tallontire Satellite Services, I was declared well-trained enough to be able to carry out complicated installation and maintenance services. This was way back in 2013. There has been no looking back since then! Now, I am called upon to handle complex installations or ones that require much in terms of coverage.

As a satellite installer at Clear Sky Technologies, I offer the following qualifications:

• Highly skilled in performing surveys of sites to plan installation services.
• Unmatched ability to plan complicated cabling networks per established protocols and procedures.
• Deep insight into correctly and safely mounting dishes or antennas to walls and roofs.
• Competent in handling troubleshooting activities to ensure minimum service downtime.

I intend to call you at the end of the week to gauge if you have an open time slot when we can meet. Until then, I will be available at (000) 145-7474 if you need any questions answered.



Robin Miff

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