A resume is the most important document for a job seeker. Before sending out a resume to apply for a musician position, make sure it is well crafted in a logical manner highlighting your relevant qualifications and experiences. Resume writing standards keep changing quickly. Go through the following tips to make sure the resume you send is up to date with contemporary resume writing standards.

• Find out what attributes prospective employer is seeking in the ideal candidate.

• Use a proper job title in your resume summary. This is your formal professional introduction. Let the reader instantly know what you are qualified to do.

• Professional skills or core competencies have to be phrased very smartly. Use industry specific keywords to portray a powerful image. Employers need to know that you fully understand the music industry.

Below are 2 resume samples of a musician to guide you further.


Musician Resume Sample 1


340 Victory Lane ~ Toledo, OH 87002
☎ (006) 444-3333 ✉ francis @ email . com

 Francis Gulliver


Highly innovative and successful professional with a strong expertise in the art of composing original, thematic music and playing covers for live audiences. Master in providing background music for ballets and theatrical performances. Effective in directing, planning and leading musical shows. Strong ability to deliver engaging solo singing performances. Extensive experience in synchronized singing and instrument playing with musical orchestras.


♪ Live Music Shows♪ Choir/Band Auditioning♪ Gig Booking
♪ Piano♪ Guitar♪ Drums
♪ Talent Sharpening♪ Background Mixing♪ Thematic Composition
♪ Choir Leading♪ Cover Singing♪ Solo Vocals

• Composed, recorded and vocalized 5 original jingles for TV advertisements at the American TV studios, OH.
• Improvised a college based choir performance with 20+ singers and players successfully at a short notice of 2 hours.
• Raised up till $14K for charity purposes through a 3 hour concert comprising on live cover and original performances.
• Played Beethoven’s Symphony # 5 Pastoral at The repertoire Theatre, Toledo, Ohio, for an international audience – the performance was highly commended.


Musician, 6/2011 to Present

• Arrange and coordinate small and large music shows
• Supervise and mentor singing bands, orchestras and student choirs for musical performances
• Compose thematic musical pieces for special events
• Play instruments and sing covers during live musical performances

Music Jockey/ Playback, 3/2009 to 5/2011

• Mixed background music for events including weddings
• Delivered playback vocals in ballet and other dance performances
• Maintained all musical instruments and equipment in functional order

A.A, Liberal Arts

• International Association of Musicians (IAM)
• American Society for Music and Dance (ASMD)


Musician Resume Sample 2


Phoebe Atkins

99 S Warner Avenue, Perry, FL 10283
Cellular: (999) 999-9999, Email: myname @ email . com


MUSICAL PROFILE: Keen knowledge of jazz and rock music genres with a special interest in improvisation and fusion of different musical types. Instruments of choice include piano, guitars and drums. Highly knowledgeable of composing and writing lyrics


♫ Conducted a series of instrumental music education workshops for the Eastman School of Music at Rochester, NY
♫ Received an award for improvising on Beethovan’s Symphonies as a tribute to the great musician in a concert marking Beethovan’s anniversary
♫ Secured an on-call position with Eastman School of Music for all classical musical projects following excellence in providing classical music educational information
♫ Awarded the Marcia Brown Memorial Scholarship to study music in Berkley Music College


Composer | New York Youth Symphony, New York, NY | June 2010 – Present

♪ Arrange music for and record the Jazz Ensemble performed by the Jazzers at the Florida Studio Inc. on a fortnightly basis
♪ Play bass for the New York Symphony Orchestra
♪ Coach with the Cleveland Quartet for performances in Kilbourn Hall
♪ Play the lead trombone for Eastman Chamber Rock Ensemble

Music Teacher | Eastman School of Music, Perry, FL | January 2007 – May 2010

♪ Taught music theory to students aged 6 to 16
♪ Assisted students in choosing and playing instrument of choice
♪ Provided assistance to students in reading and interpreting musical notes
♪ Handled students’ vocal training needs by designing and implementing individually placed lessons
♪ Served as a conductor for high school concerts


♫ Improvisation and fusion
♫ Instrumental musical education
♫ Music learning theory
♫ MIDI (music technology)


Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY
Masters of Arts
Major: Music Education