Call Center Resume Objective & Summary: 21 Examples

Updated on: April 27, 2023

A call center is primarily a support center that provides customer or sales services to a company’s customers.

Call centers may be geographically located inside a company or in a different location depending on the company’s decision. Call center operations are often outsourced to other companies that specialize in managing these services.

People working in call centers may work as call center representatives, managers, and supervisors. They all aim to work towards the same goal – providing excellence in customer service.

Significance of a Call Center Resume Objective Statement

Objectives sit at the top of a resume for a reason – they are critical to the success of the resume. A resume hosting an objective is usually considered a good one.

If you have less than 5 years of experience in hand, you should start your resume with an objective statement.

Many people opt not to place an objective in their resumes, erroneously believing that it has little or no purpose. In actuality, an objective is used for a particular reason – to give the resume direction.

The resume objective gives you plenty of leeway to create a quality around you that a hiring manager just cannot refuse.

Any information that you place in your objective needs to ring true in the rest of the resume as well.

For instance, if you are saying that you are great at communicating with people, make sure that the skills and accomplishments sections of your resume highlight this fact in detail as well.

Take a look at what people working at call centers will write as resume objectives when applying for a job in this setting:

16 Sample Objectives for Call Center Resume

1. Seeking a position as a Call Center Representative at Central Pacific Bank, utilizing skills in handling both inbound and outbound calls for information and sales respectively. Highly competent in handling angry customers in a professional manner, aiming to secure future business opportunities.

2. Extremely energetic Call Center Associate with over 6 years of hands-on experience working at dedicated call centers, looking for a challenging role at Central Bank. Offering exceptional ability to handle incoming calls for information, and accurately routing calls to the right departments or units.

3. Friendly Call Center Assistant with great communication and customer service skills, looking for employment at The Hyatt. Bringing a deep insight into providing information regarding services and handling reservations to ensure a positive experience for existing and new customers.

4. Competent and exceptionally talented Call Center Agent with over 7 years of experience in handling both inbound and outbound calls in a call center environment looking for a position at The Grande. Bringing the exceptional ability to handle first-tier communication and connection and provide customers with an exceptional view of the company and its services.

5. To obtain a Call Center Supervisor position at Choctaw Nation. Offering expertise in managing inbound and outbound in a professional manner, identifying customers’ needs over the telephone, and ensuring that they are provided with the solutions that they require.

6. Passionate and adaptable individual with great communication skills and the ability to respond quickly. Eager to work as a call center agent at ABC Company where my communication, customer service, and problem-solving skills will be used to provide effective assistance to customers.

7. Excited to work as a call center agent in a rewarding and fast-paced environment at AAA Company. Offering 5 years of experience in professionally and promptly responding to 50+ calls per day, as well as great interpersonal, communication, and customer service skills to provide high-quality service to customers.

8. Calm and friendly call center agent with an aptitude to interact with English and Spanish-speaking customers. Poised to work for ABC agency where my proficiency in resolving complaints will be beneficial to deliver exceptional customer service.

9. Self-motivated individual with 8+ years of extensive call center experience, energetic to join XYZ Company to improve product/service sales through effective inbound and outbound calls to customers.

10. Enthusiastic to work for AA Telecom as a Call Center Agent where a high level of professionalism and the ability to multitask will be useful in addressing the queries and concerns of customers.

11. Competent, passionate call center professional looking for a position at the MBS utilizing skills in customer service to provide excellent product knowledge and problem resolution.

12. Seeking a position as a Call Center Manager at the Resource Groups employing competency in managing a support center and the ability to lead a team effectively.

13. To work for Forestry Inc as a Call Center Supervisor utilizing expertise in team building to guide the workforce in providing exceptional customer service.

14. Desire to work as Call Center Representative at ABC Company where I can use my persuasive power and aptitude to provide precise information to customers.

15. A Call Center Specialist position at the Capital Bank, utilizing proficiency to serve as the primary central customer service contact for telephone banking products.

16. To obtain a Call Center Agent position at XYA Company, using my understanding of implementing and improving call center policies to facilitate excellence in customer service provision.

5 Call Center Resume Summary Examples

If you have more than 5 years of experience in hand, you should use a call center resume objective statement.

The call center resume summary is not different from the summary of a book. It just articulates what you are as a professional, and how you can help the prospective employer in taking his professional mission forward.

Here are a few examples of resume summaries for a call center representative:

1. Customer service-oriented Call Center Representative with over 5 years of experience in handling both inbound and outbound calls. Highly skilled in providing service and product information to clients, in a bid to retain their business. Delivers exceptional service with a sense of responsibility and accountability.

2. Dedicated Call Center Associate with a track record of success serving as the first point of contact and delivering excellent customer service. Skilled in answering incoming calls and responding to emails. Demonstrated ability to research required information through available resources. Provides timely feedback and heads up to customers.

3. Well-organized and competent Call Center Agent with over 7 years successful track record of accomplishing sales and organization goals. Proficient in processing orders over the telephone and providing assistance to customers, in a bid to keep them satisfied and ensure repeat business opportunities. A calm and flexible individual who is deadline-driven in fast-paced environments.

4. Call center associate, with exceptional skills in servicing inbound calls for information and assistance. Documented success in resolving customers’ problems by clarifying issues, along with a great ability to handle complaints and problems. Precise and results-oriented with exceptional organizational skills.

5. Meticulous Call Center Representative dedicated to pursuing the highest quality of customer service. 9+ years’ exceptional track record of handling outbound calls for sales, and inbound ones for support. Deep insight into servicing customers’ calls for complaints and assistance, along with the exceptional ability to perform upselling duties to ensure that both company and self-targets are met.