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Resignation Letter Due to Illness or Medical Reasons

Do you think it is alright not to write a resignation letter because you have already informed your supervisor about your illness and intent to leave? Wrong! Writing a resignation letter is essential, even if you have verbally informed your boss.   A resignation letter is not just the right thing to do – it… Read More »

Letter of Resignation Due to Family Emergency

Companies ask for resignation letters as part of a set protocol. If an employee intends to leave, they need to provide notice through a resignation letter in addition to detailing why they want to go.   The notice period in a resignation letter must coincide with the terms laid out in an employee’s contract or… Read More »

Optometrist Resignation Letter Sample

When you write a letter to resign from your position as an optometrist, make sure that you provide one strong reason as opposed to many small ones. You may have had a great experience working in a facility, and you do not want to leave with a bad taste in your employer’s mouth, so it… Read More »

Email Resignation Letter with Immediate Effect

A resignation is the last impression an employee leaves on his employer, so it has to be a good one. Since employees do not always resign for a pleasant reason, leaving a good impression may not be the easiest thing to do.   However, we must strive to do this if we want to obtain… Read More »

How to Write a Resignation Letter

Job-hopping has become quite the norm in recent years; people look for better prospects and more exciting work to do and therefore, change jobs quite often. But every time they leave a job, they need to write a resignation letter. The following points will help you to write a professional resignation letter.   Resignation Letter… Read More »

Gracious Resignation Letter Sample

Resigning graciously is nothing less than talent. Not all of us end up leaving a job on reasonable terms; but even if our reason to go is not a pleasant one, we need to portray amiability. That is because it is crucial not to resign from an organization by leaving a bad taste in employers’… Read More »

Immediate Resignation Letter Due to Illness

A resignation letter often requires to give sufficient notice to the employer. But some circumstances dictate that we resign on an immediate basis. In fact, an illness or immediate joining of another company are two of the most common reasons for immediate resignation. While the latter may not be looked at favorably by an employer,… Read More »

One Week Resignation Letter Sample

One Week Resignation Letter Writing Guidelines A well-written resignation is crucial if you are thinking to leave your current company. It enables you to leave the position with dignity while maintaining a professional relationship with your employer.   The tone of a resignation letter needs to be polite and helpful. No matter what the resigning… Read More »