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Resignation Letter Due to Family Commitments

Resigning from your present workplace? Not sure how to go about writing a resignation letter? Nothing to fear! Writing a resignation letter may seem like such a difficult thing to do, but once you have begun writing one, the flow takes care of everything. There isn’t one reason for resignation letters seeming so difficult to… Read More »

Immediate Resignation Letter Due to Spouse Illness

For most situations, a resignation letter needs to spell out a specific date in the future which denotes an employee’s last working day. But providing notice of one’s intention to leave is not possible in all situations. Some emergent circumstances may require employees to hand in an immediate resignation letter, without providing notice. This can… Read More »

Resignation Letter Due to Family Relocation

Apart from bringing with it the usual troubles of packing and moving during relocation, it leaves uncertainty – especially where our work is concerned. There is work to wrap up and things to pack and finally, resignation letters to write.   Whether it is you, your spouse or the rest of your family that has… Read More »

Resignation Letter Due to Spouse Job Transfer

Significant job transfers that require an individual to relocate can have a major impact on his / her family. If you have found yourself in such a position where you have to pick up bag and baggage and relocate to another city or country for better prospects (because your husband or wife has been offered… Read More »