Involuntary Resignation Due to Hostile Work Environment

Updated on: June 2, 2023

There are many reasons for resigning from a position, and not all of them are voluntary. Sometimes, an individual needs to move away from situations, especially when they are hostile.

In the workplace, it is important to be comfortable and cooperative. But if you are constantly being harassed, or feel that the hostility towards you is just too much, it is time to resign – that is if nothing else can be done.

Writing an involuntary resignation letter due to a hostile work environment may be a little difficult. It is because of the following reasons.

What will you say?

How will you write your thoughts on paper?

What will be the outcome?

Since the situation is a bit tricky, it is best, to be honest, and then move away.

Your honesty in your resignation letter will help others who may be going through the same situation.

What follows is an involuntary resignation letter written by an individual who is facing hostility at work: 

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Involuntary Resignation Due to Hostile Work Environment

June 2, 2023

Mr. Trevor Hastings
Human Resources Manager
Trent Business Solutions
123 North Road
Erie, PA 45212

Dear Mr. Hastings:

It is with great regret and extreme sadness that I am writing my resignation letter. As per the rules stated in my contract, please consider this a 30-day notice of my intent to leave. April 24 will be my last day at work.

While resigning was not something that I wanted to do, I have no choice but to take this step. Over the last year, I have been targeted on many occasions because of many reasons.

Even though some of my coworkers are quite supportive, the entire environment of the office is quite hostile. Some individuals have been constantly pranking me, leaving aggressive notes on my desk, stealing things from my desk drawers, and basically making it very difficult for me to work.

I have complained about this problem to the human resources department many times, and an investigation was also underway. However, nothing was found, and no further action was taken, despite my situation getting worse and worse. I am not sure if it is discrimination or a personal disliking by some staff members, but it is affecting my sanity on a great level. It would be pertinent to just exit at this point, and let the situation die down.

I appreciate all the support that you have you given to me over the years. And I wish the company luck in all its future endeavors.


Jason Pollock

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