ICU RN Resume Sample

Updated on: May 24, 2018

A resume is your window to an excellent job as a registered nurse – it is also a window to what you are capable of doing.

So basically, it works both ways.

Proper format and content help.

Here is one to base your resume on:



ICU RN Resume Example



Sandra Short
67 Spade Street, Derry, NH 85485
(000) 999-9999

ICU Registered Nurse

Uniquely qualified registered nurse with over 16 years’ hands-on experience working in an intensive care capacity. Known for actively handling patients’ needs by providing them with the best nursing care. Ability to deliver direct, and individualized nursing care to patients, based on the application of scientific nursing principles.


• Plan Development • Medication Administration • Patient Education
• Diagnostic Testing • Emergency Response • Patient Monitoring
• IV Protocols • Catheter Monitoring • Patient Advocacy
• Equipment Adjustment • Life Support Assistance • Records Management


Memorial Hospital of Derry, Derry, NH | 2009-present
• Look through assigned patients’ charts to determine their diseases, and applied plans of care.
• Provide patients with one on one nursing care, to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing.
• Monitor patients’ vitals, and ensure that they are recorded according to specified protocols.
• Handle emergency situations by providing CPR, and following other emergency handling procedures.
• Monitor and adjust specialized equipment used on patients, and interpret and record readings.
• Oversee the function of catheters, leads, and tubing for proper placement and functioning.
• Record patients’ medical conditions, and changes, and ensure that any specific situations requiring intervention are communicated to the doctor.
• Communicate with families to provide them with accurate information on patients’ conditions.
• Order, follow up on and check lab tests to determine the need for augmenting or modifying intensive care plans.

Key Achievements
• Saved an infant by providing immediate care during a heart attack episode, in the absence of the pediatric nurse.
• Implemented a patient advocacy program, which was extremely well-received by patients and their families.

Registered Nurse
Memorial Satilla Health, Derry, NH | 2002-2009
• Administered medication to patients orally, subcutaneously, or through IVs.
• Assisted patients with mobility, ensuring that their emotional and physical wellbeing was given priority.
• Monitored patients’ conditions, provided required interventions and ensured that any significant changes in conditions were reported.
• Took and recorded patients’ vitals, such as temperature, pulse, and blood pressure readings.
• Provided emergency care such as CPR in cases of organ failure or compromised organ functions.

Key Achievements
• Introduced a patient monitoring system, which proved to be 55% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Reorganized the diagnostic testing system, making it more efficient than it was before.

Derry University, Derry, NH – 2001
Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing


Current NH RN License