RN DOU Resume Sample

Updated on: August 18, 2016


The simplest formula that you can use to write a DOU RN resume is to be direct and to the point.

Scoring with proven keywords will give you an edge over your competitors, as the employers will pick you out if you write what they want to read.

Here is how you can do this in a resume:

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RN DOU Resume Sample


Macy Peter

2 Prospect Street ● Nashua, NH 00231 ● (000) 417-7454 ● macypete @ email . com


Performance Summary: Compassionate and dependable Registered Nurse with extensive experience in handling patients who require extensive direct medical care. Demonstrated ability to identify patient care requirements and establish, implement and maintain patient care and service standards. A resourceful individual who is kind by nature and an inherent love for the nursing profession and what it stands for. Recognized for resolving patients’ problems by ensuring that they are properly handled according to their specific sensitive situation.


• Direct Patient Observation • Palliative Care • Critical Care Support
• Holistic Nursing • Perioperative Nursing • Rehabilitation
• Infection Control • Case Management • Staff Mix Preparation
• Risk Management • Patient Care Evaluation • Patient Wellbeing


RN DOU | 6/2012 to Present
Lakewood Regional Medical Center, Nashua, NH

• Implement a series of core safe patient care regimens that were used as basis for individualized patient care plans
• Recognize signs of abuse on a 4 year child in the direct observation unit and alerted the doctor on duty, just before her release from the unit
• Determine each patient’s individual medical requirements within a direct observation unit
• Create and implement plans to meet patients’ medical and personal needs by performing constant observation
• Establish and implement patient care and service standards to meet patients’ expectations and needs
• Ascertain continuous improvement of all clinical procedures, services and operations
• Design and implement systems, processes and methods to evaluate and improve patient care

Direct Observation Unit Registered Nurse | 5/2008 – 6/2012
City Medical Center, Nashua, NH

• Oversaw an entire geriatric DOU with 20 patients without a single untoward incident transpiring
• Introduced a patient information documentation system, which proved to be 50% more efficient than the last one
• Monitored patients to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing
• Observed patients to evaluate their diseases and conditions and provide feedback to nurse managers
• Provided direct patient and emergency care by employing direct patient care and emergency strategies

Registered Nurse | 2/2000 – 5/2008
Sherman Oaks Hospital, Nashua, NH

• Ascertained that all patients were provided care according to their individualized medical plans
• Provided direct patient care by administering medication by mouth and through IVs
• Made sure that patients were properly groomed, bathed and dressed by coordinating the services of PCTs
• Monitored patients to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing and alerted authorities in cases of patient distress
• Took and recorded patients’ vitals such as temperature, pulse and blood pressure and ensured that all patient information was properly documented

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing – 1999
Nashua Medical University, Nashua, NH