Character Reference Letter Sample

Updated on: August 17, 2021

Character reference letters may be written for different purposes including court appearances, vouching for personal character, or a general request for a reference.

Once you have determined the purpose for which a character reference needs to be written, you can begin by organizing your thoughts on a piece of paper and then gelling them together to write a perfect character reference letter.

You may be approached by a student, colleague, underling, or a friend to write a character reference letter for them.

Every situation requires a different type of character reference letter to be written.

Most of the time, the person who is writing a character reference letter writes a general one that can be used anywhere unless he has been asked to write one specifically for a position or entry requirements to an organization.

People who are presented with character reference letters like to know what relationship the individual has with the person who has given him a glowing reference letter so it is best to mention how you know the person.

These documents must be slanted towards the positive side as much as possible so that maximum benefit can be gained out of them.

While it is not recommended to lie when writing character reference letters, it is best not to mention negative details or at least, downplay details that may not be considered constructive.

Character Reference Letter Example

August 17, 2021

To Whom It May Concern

It is an honor to write this character reference letter for Samantha Jones who has worked as a Guest Relations Officer for Hilton View Resorts for two years. As her direct supervisor, I vouch for her dependability and conscientious attitude towards work and verify that she is indeed an asset to our resort.

Samantha is affectionately coined “Santa Samantha” by her colleagues who are always praised for her helpful and kind attitude towards clients and coworkers equally. She has shown her pluck during many incidents – one such incident involved her assisting an elderly resort patron who had fallen down due to a non-fatal stroke by giving him immediate First Aid and saving his life. She is polite to everyone even in events of crippling duress and has been a constant source of encouragement to her fellow workers.

On both professional and personal levels, I believe that Samantha is a compassionate human being who is always there for people in their time of need. If you need to speak to me in detail or verify the contents of this letter, please call me at (000) 333-3333.


Gwen Stefani
HR Manager
Hilton View Resorts
32 New Ave, San Diego, CA