Sample Reference Letter for Graduate School

Updated on: April 18, 2022

Students applying for a position in a graduate school will need a reference letter from a teacher or employer to complete the admission process.

Institutes want to acquire students who possess potential and are generally good in both manners and academically and a reference letter is a perfect way to ensure that.

Here is an example of a reference letter for graduate school.

Graduate School Reference Letter Sample

April 18, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is an endorsement of the fact that Lisa Carr has been a student of Nashville College since 2018 and has been immensely successful both academically and personally. Her teachers have always praised her as she not only learns concepts but can also apply them in real situations.

Lisa has been an absolute joy as she is always willing to help her fellow students and has performed voluntary work for her teachers. She is the head of both drama and literary clubs owing to her excellent leadership qualities. She has served on several committees for charity work as well and has been a role model student in terms of punctuality and lessons.

I consider Lisa as one of the top 5% of students in her class. She proved herself to be an organized and accountable person. More to the point, Lisa is a charming person to speak with. I am confident these qualities together with bright intellectual capacity guarantee Lisa’s victory in her future work.

Lisa has always wanted to gain admission to National County Graduate School, and it is my pleasure to recommend her wholeheartedly for this endeavor as I am confident that she will be a real asset to the school. I wish her all the best in all her future endeavors.

Sincere regards,

Adam Clarke
Principal – Nashville High School
(000) 222-2222