A front desk receptionist is typically the first face of a business. This person must portray a professional image at all times. The duties of this position are very similar to an administrative assistant or secretary.

As you want to submit your application for a Front Desk Receptionist job. The prospective employer expects an attractive cover letter. Writing a cover letter for receptionist position is easier as compared to writing a resume. This document contains a brief summary of your most relevant skills and background.

The following cover letter sample for a Front Desk Receptionist Resume is designed to assist you in your job application process. You are free to use this template in order to make your cover letter.


Front Desk Receptionist Cover Letter Sample


35 Example Street
Dallas, TX 65987

March 25, 2016

Mr. John Doe
Manager Human Resources
Halford Jenkins & Associates
142 South Street
Dallas, TX 25499

Re: Front Desk Receptionist (Job # 8768)

Dear Mr. Doe:

I came across your job listing for a Front Desk Receptionist in The Dallas Times and found myself qualified to perform well in this role. As I have 2 years’ hands-on experience as a receptionist, I feel positive that I can bring excellent customer service and front desk handling skills to your facility.

Through my experiences,  I polished my skills in answering phones, directing calls to appropriate person, handling customer inquiries, scheduling appointments and meetings, and maintaining office calendar. In addition, I am able to ensure security and privacy of data, maintain on-line database of business contacts and perform other clerical administrative and office responsibilities as assigned.

As part of Halford Jenkins & Associates, I would like to provide value and quality customer service to your customers and employees utilizing my experience and skills. In addition to my reception related strengths, I have good computer skills and familiar with Microsoft office and Quick-books. My primary objective is to assist your business grow and function smoothly by utilizing my ‘Can do’ attitude.

As an energetic front desk professional, I would appreciate meeting with you to talk about this in more detail. I will contact you next week to see whether an interview can be arranged. In the mean time, you can reach me on my cellular phone at (000) 999-0988.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sara Chris

Sara Chris

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