Clinical Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 26, 2019

A clinical receptionist is often the first point of contact within a healthcare facility such as hospitals and clinics.

Their primary job is to greet patients, schedule appointments and prepare patient documents.


What is a Clinical Receptionist Cover Letter?

A Clinical Receptionist Cover Letter functions differently from the resume.

It must not be used to repeat the text from your resume, but, only introduce it.

A resume for Clinical Receptionist position is about your relevant skills, qualifications, and experience.

On the other hand, the cover letter is regarding your relationship to the job, how you are well-qualified for that position and what you could perform to contribute to the prospective clinic’s success.



You may use the following cover letter sample to apply for Clinical Receptionist position.


Clinical Receptionist Cover Letter Sample


445 Grant Avenue
Gadsden, AL 99902

April 26, 2019

Mr. Thomas Smith
Sutter Health
91 Evertte Street
Gadsden, AL 77773


Dear Mr. Smith:

Please accept this letter and enclosed resume as a formal application for the position of Clinical Receptionist at Sutter Health. Using my medical knowledge and profound ability to manage front desk operations, I can make a valuable contribution to your front desk team.

My four years of relevant work experience has taught me how to collect information from patients and doctors in a timely and accurate fashion. I am well versed in using a computer and other office machines such as telephones and pagers to orchestrate the smooth flow of reception’s operations. Furthermore, I have complete knowledge of medical terminology that assists me in taking patient information correctly and updating records and databases in a proficient and error-free manner.

I am confident that I have both front-desk skills and clinical experience to perform the necessary functions of this position. I will contact you during the week of May 1 to see if a meeting can be arranged. Alternately, I can be reached at (000) 993-3333 if you need to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Brenda Carr

Enc. Resume

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