Animal Hospital Receptionist Cover Letter Example

Updated September 20, 2018

Every organization needs the services of a systemized reception and individuals who professionally handle the reception area. This is also true of animal hospitals where receptionists work as the first point of contact for pet owners. If you love animals and want to work in an environment that caters to their wellbeing, you might be interested in working as an animal hospital receptionist. When you write a cover letter for applying for this position, you might need to depict your people skills and the ability to get along with animals.

Receptionists working in an animal hospital do not need to know veterinary practices, although compassion for animals and the ability to restrain them and calm them down can do wonders for your chances to acquire this position. There are four areas that an animal hospital receptionist needs to cover on a work day – Office maintenance, animal care, administrative duties, and customer relations.

Below is a cover letter example that will provide you with some idea on how one is written for the position of an animal hospital receptionist.


Animal Hospital Receptionist Cover Letter Example


Sarah Paxton
6110 Foxglove Road
Yarmouth, ME 73800
(444) 000-1254
sarah @ email . com

September 20, 2018

Mr. Nelson Scott
Manager HR
Yarmouth Animal Care Hospital
3680 Hill Road
Yarmouth, ME 73822


Dear Mr. Scott:

I introduce myself as an exceptionally well organized and hardworking individual with four years’ functional experience working as a receptionist for North Carolina Veterinary Hospital. I would like to take part in your success as a Receptionist at Yarmouth Animal Care Hospital.

Owing to my customer service-oriented approach, I effectively perform first tier duties such as greeting customers, assisting them in filling out forms and determining the reason for their visit. I am well aware of the documentation and record keeping needs of an animal hospital and can manage them in a systemized manner.

I have had substantial experience in handling both reception and animal care responsibilities and can handle priorities quite effectively. As I am an animal lover which is why it is easy for me to understand pet owners’ predicament concerning ailing pets and possess the capability to calm and restrain animals by using necessary tact.

I can further explain my suitability for this position, if provided a chance of meeting with you. Until then, please refer to and review my resume and supporting credentials that I have enclosed with this letter. I can be reached at the contact numbers given above.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincere regards,

Sarah Paxton

Enc. Resume