Writing an interview winning letter for a real estate sales position can be difficult. Some people find it even more challenging than the job itself! A cover letter accompanying your real estate salesperson resume is very crucial since it helps the recruiter determine your candidacy.

Your cover letter either convinces the employer to go through your resume or to ignore it altogether. Therefore it is advisable to do some research before writing the letter. Find out more about the company you are applying at and try to learn about the exact skills your potential employer is looking for. Following is a real estate salesperson cover letter sample


Real Estate Salesperson Cover Letter Sample


Mathew Green
341 Hailey Ave
Boston, MA 72918
(004) 222-2222
mathew.green @ email . com

December 27, 2013

Ms. Janet Michael, Manager HR
Gold lands Real Estate
67 Rock Towers
Boston, MA 72918


Dear Ms. Michael:

Introducing myself as a highly experienced and passionate real estate professional, working in the sales field for past eight years, I wish to apply for a real estate sales person position at Gold Land Real Estate agency.

My profile caters for all the skills you demand for this position with a number of bonus qualifications as well. Possessing extensive experience in the real estate sales field, I practically know the American real estate market inside out. Being an alert and versatile real estate agent, I have a very keen eye for the changing real estate trends and accurate property rates forecasting is one of my greatest strengths. I offer Gold Land Estate, matchless skills in real estate salesman-ship, consultancy and promotion.

I enthusiastically look forward to having an interview with you to discuss this opportunity further. Since my profile renders me a perfect fit for the position, I intend to call your office within few days to secure a meeting time. If you have any queries in the interim, or require any additional documentation, feel free to contact me at (004) 222-2222.



Mathew Green

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