How to Write a Real Estate Resume? Complete Guide

Updated on: February 4, 2021

Writing a resume for any position can be quite a task especially if the position that you are writing for has the capacity of being somewhat ambiguous.

For instance, many people confuse the positions of a real estate agent and a real estate broker.

Resumes written for both positions may be quite similar but may need to be written in keeping the specific accomplishments and job duties.

Writing a resume for a real estate position requires time and extensive work.

Look at it this way; indulging in real estate investment means huge sums of money. Clients are usually wary of such investments and prefer to work with trustworthy people because a considerable amount of money is involved.

When you write a resume for a real estate position, you need to ensure that your resume not only depicts how much information you have of the industry but also how trustworthy you are.

Remember that most of your strengths and qualifications can be appropriately illustrated in your resume if you look at the job description carefully. Searching for keywords in the job advert will take you places when writing a resume as you can easily relate your skills to the expected strengths that an employer is looking for.

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To maximize the effectiveness of your resume, you should include the following sections in a resume for real estate positions.

Professional Summary / Profile

A professional summary Or Profile on your resume will tell a prospective employer how much you know about the real estate world.

Mention of your sales and marketing skills particularly to the real estate industry can prove to be a great credit to you.


You must also mention as many of your accomplishments as you possibly can when writing your resume. You could write about how you increased the company’s clientele or property sales in a particular year or you could emphasize an awareness project for eco-friendly real estate buying and selling which is quite a rage nowadays.

The main reason that mention of accomplishments is essential is the fact that employers need to know how well you have performed in the past, which is a real reflection of how you can perform in the future as well.

Quantifying your accomplishments may be the best way to do this; you must mention gained percentages and dollars earned which is a surefire way of attracting interest in your resume.


Give details of your relevant work experiences. Use bullet and short phrases to maximize the impact.

Special Skills

The real estate world is all about research and marketing when it comes to the end client.

Your resume must portray your ability to do both. As part of the unique skills section, you can write your knowledge of researching appropriate properties for selling and buying and how you can effectively market them.