Real Estate Agent Resume Sample

Updated on July 20, 2015

Employers generally suffer from lack of lateral vision. They believe what they see. So when you design a resume for a real estate agent position, make sure that you put in all attributes that you want the employer to see, keeping in mind this limitation. To be perfectly honest, this lack of lateral vision is a choice and employers choose to be this way for one very obvious reason. They do not have time to guess. So if an applicant says that he knows his work, a prospective employer will not go to many lengths to discover where an applicant stands on a scale of 1 to 10. There is no time for this.

Real estate agents resumes need to be tell-all. If you possess some specific strength, don’t just give a hint. Provide proof. This way, your candidature will become stronger than that of your competitors. A strong resume like the following sample (for a real estate agent position) is sure to make a solid impression:


Real Estate Agent Resume Sample


Daisy Alfredo

821 Green Peas Road ● Black Hawk, SD 72321 ● (999) 999-9999 ● @ email . com


Top-performing real estate professional with a demonstrated expertise in evaluating properties based on collected information and market data. Hardworking and conscientious with exceptional marketing and negotiation skills. Highly knowledgeable about residential and commercial property features and various manners of marketing both.

• Special talent for handling property auctions and overseas and second home purchases
• Documented success in estimating property values and handling marketing activities to promote land for sale, purchase, lease and rent
• Qualified to vet prospective buyers / tenants by carrying out detailed background checks and collecting references


• Tenancy / Sale Contracts• Negotiation• Marketing
• Promotion• Land Inspection• Property Listings
• Home Financing• Referrals• Appraisals
• Mortgage/Loans• Paperwork• Research

• Created a list of 3800 properties for sale in Black Hawk and converted 920 into sales opportunities
• Sold a property that was in the market for 15 years without any prospect of selling due to it being wrongfully labeled as “haunted”
• Streamlined internal research processes by training staff members in various research methodologies including Internet search
• Implemented a system that automatically compared properties with similar listings to determine fair market price


CARPENTER REALTORS, Black Hawk, SD | 5/2011 to Present

Real Estate Agent
• Take information from clients regarding their need for buying, selling, leasing and renting
• Look through company database to determine if similar properties are available in needed categories
• Compare prices and chart out the best possible solution for clients, based on their individual needs
• Appraise properties using local comparison charts and discuss cost of maintenance and repair
• Visit sites to determine suitability for clients and show properties that are deemed suitable
• Create effective and meaningful relationships with clients for further purchase and sale purposes
• Provide clients with financial assistance solutions and ensure that appropriate background checks are carried out
• Educate clients on equity in their property and refinancing options
• List properties for sale or purchase in local newspapers and respond to calls for information
• Assist clients through the payment procedures and indulge in negotiations
• Ascertain that all paperwork involved is in order and that any discrepancies are managed before a transaction is carried out

INETRO REAL ESTATE SERVICES, Black Hawk, SD | 11/2010 to 5/2011

Real Estate Intern
• Looked through property listings to determine which properties are for sale or purchase
• Contacted clients to provide them with information on listed properties and their prices
• Provided assistance to real estate agents by scrutinizing properties prior to setting up meetings with clients
• Set up meeting with clients and assisted them in understanding the features of properties
• Handled client background checks and credit histories and provided feedback to supervisor
• Ascertained that client information is recorded properly and confidentially

Graduate | PRIMROSE HIGH SCHOOL, Black Hawk, SD | 2009