New Real Estate Agent Resume Objectives

Updated on December 23, 2015


Open up any random resume and see what catches your attention first. Most of you will say, whatever is written at the top. This usually means the name and contact information of the applicant. But that is obvious – you need to know who your applicant is so the name obviously catches your eye. What is next that catches your eye? The resume objective of course!

The objective statement for a real estate agent resume is put on top of a resume for a reason. And that reason is to break the ice. How does a resume objective do that? Well, since you are not actually talking to the reader (read that as prospective employer), you have little or no opportunity to make him comfortable with who you are. The resume objective does that. It gives you an opportunity to summarize who you are and put it in eloquent sentences that are easy to read and understand.

When an employer picks up your resume from the stack of a hundred others, he will want to read something that will make him stop there, so that he doesn’t have to read the rest. The quality of your objective will do this. If you have written one that is relevant and uses powerful language, you are in luck – and so is the reader. But if you do not pay much attention to this section, thinking that other sections are more important, these “other” sections may never be read.

Write your resume objectives wisely. Take ideas from the following examples:

New Real Estate Agent Resume Objectives

• Desire a position as a Real Estate Agent at Redfin. Offering skills in determining clients’ buying and selling needs and providing them with correlating proposals.

• Focused and hardworking professional looking for a Real Estate Agent position at Rexford Industrial Realty employing exceptional insight into creating and implementing marketing plans for listed properties and handling oversight of new and renewal leases and lease related agreements.

• Seeking a position as a Real Estate Agent at Fathom Realty using unmatched ability to handle property research work to keep informed of market rents and trends and competing property specifics.

• To work as a Real Estate Agent at Xome Realtors using exceptional communication skills to follow up on leads to convert them into clients. Able to effectively determine clients’ property buying and selling requirements and assisting them in closing deals.

• To obtain a position as a Real Estate Agent at Carrington Real Estate Services. Geared to apply well-honed skills in determining property prices, handling competitive market analysis and commendably fulfilling clients’ buying and selling requirements.