Real Estate Agent Cover Letter with Experience

Updated on: March 20, 2018

Real estate agents hold multifaceted jobs which include buying, selling and renting properties for their clients.

They bring buyers and sellers together; they determine clients’ needs and set appointments accordingly to ensure that property buying, selling and renting needs are managed.

Cover letters written for real estate agent positions needs to contain sufficient information regarding knowledge of market trends in both commercial and residential properties.

Since a real estate agent should possess in-depth knowledge of property prices and values, s/he should portray this information in a cover letter to help the job application along.

The following cover letter can be used as a sample to write your own for this position.


Real Estate Agent Cover Letter (With Experience)



Henry Collins
2910 Forest Drive | Piscataway, NJ 72911
(000) 212-9999
[email protected]

March 20, 2018

Mr. Isaac Luke
Manager Human Resources
67 Birch Run Drive
Piscataway, NJ 63729


Dear Mr. Luke:

As a long-time real estate enthusiast, I was excited to see the advertisement for a Real Estate Agent position at VTA. I would like to be considered for this position as I have the exceptional expertise and experience in property buying/selling and development – which completely fulfill your job criteria.

During the seven years that I have spent in the real estate industry, I have led several commercial and residential brokerage projects. I have been responsible for providing strategic marketing and property procurement support to many clients over the years and have been successful in acquiring a substantial client base.

You might be interested in the following achievements that I have been responsible for during my career:

• Negotiated leases for over half a million square feet of property
• Completed sales transactions of over $200 million
• Introduced a web-based property database that engendered easy and prompt information retrieval

Recently, I start writing a weekly ad copy to attract potential buyers and sellers which has brought about a substantial increase in new clientele. With a great ability to identify reliable investments, I can bring considerable success to your business by pulling key players together and delivering positive results.

I believe that I can produce equally impressive results for your company and would like to meet with you so I can further highlight my talent in real estate arena. I will call your office after five working days to schedule a mutually convenient time of a meeting.



Henry Collins

Henry Collins

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