New Real Estate Agent Resume Sample

Updated on December 23, 2015


It is exciting to finally acquire your real estate license, even if you have worked in a similar position for some time. But once you have your own license, it is time to move up the ladder. Before you select a broker and learn further about the neighborhood, you need to do one more thing – prepare your resume. The work isn’t going anywhere so there really isn’t any hurry to do anything. Your resume is what will help you “hang” your license in a broker’s office, which will eventually get you the job. Yes, you do have to hang your license for some years before you can go out and declare yourself an independent broker.

Prior to obtaining your real estate agent license, you must have had some kind of internship or experience in real estate work. Make sure that your resume reflects this information. Even if it was an internship or a job that you held as a real estate agent’s assistant, it will suffice. Even if your job was to handle office work initially, this information will prove valuable to a broker who is looking for some kind of related experience in your resume. As an intern, you may have accompanied the broker or other real estate agents on calls, so you are probably not new to customer interaction. Make all this information obvious.

Here is a sample new real estate agent resume with no experience that you can use:


New Real Estate Agent Resume Sample


Albert Carter

756 S Oneida Street ● Denver, CO 85213● (999) 999-9999 ● albertcarter @email .com


SUMMARY: Fresh and enthusiastic real estate agent who has had extensive exposure to acting as an intermediary in negotiations between buyers and sellers. Well-versed in determining clients’ buying and selling needs by effectively locating properties according to their specifications.

• Special talent for representing client to negotiate pricing contracts and property terms
• Proficient in promoting sales of properties through effective marketing endeavors including advertising in print and social media
• Demonstrated expertise in advising clients on market conditions and assisting them in making informed buying / selling decisions
• Unmatched ability to coordinate property closings and overseeing signing of contracts and management of funds


• List Generation• Lead Follow-up• Property Title Investigations
• Market Analysis• Paperwork Management• Customer Service
• Appraiser Liaison• Real Estate Best Practices• Contract Negotiation

Associate of Arts in Real Estate
Coursework: Essentials in Real Estate ~ Brokerage Operations ~ Marketing ~ Finance ~ Real Estate Law ~ Appraisals ~ Property Management ~ Investment Analysis & Management ~ Land Development Process

Current CO State Real Estate Agent License – 2015


BAY MEDICAL CENTER, Montrose, PA | 6/2015 to 11/2015
Real Estate Intern

• Conferred with clients to determine their property buying and selling needs
• Created lists of possible leads for both buying and selling property
• Made sales pitches to prospective clients who were not part of DND lists
• Set up meetings with clients and accompanies agents on meetings
• Took notes regarding new clients’ requirements and performed research to determine possible matches
• Handled paperwork such as preparing property documents and contracts