New Home Sales Consultant Cover Letter Sample

Updated November 13, 2020
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New Home Sales Consultant cover letters often become lost in the abyss of applications that employers receive. This is a dilemma for everyone who applies for a job.

The lighter side of the situation is that cover letters never get lost if their content is of “high quality”.

A hiring manager will never place a job application in the “pending” folder if he sees the quality of what is written in terms of relevance and passion.

If you look at them with the thought that this document will bring my dream job closer, you will be able to write one that the hiring manager wants to read.

Check for the employer’s requirements before you begin writing your cover letter. When you are sure that you understand what he wants completely, you will have no trouble with the content.

Let us give you an example:

New Home Sales Consultant Cover Letter Example

562 3rd Street, #43
East Hartford, CT 20584

November 13, 2020

Mr. Frank Anderson
Hiring Manager
The Property Managers
640 Fairfield Street
East Hartford, CT 12971

Dear Mr. Anderson:

I am writing to apply for a New Home Sales Consultant position at The Property Managers. There is quite a strong parity between your requirements for a new home sales consultant and my qualifications as one.

Your advertisement states that you are looking for someone who has had exposure to selling newly constructed homes and can meet the lead generation challenges of the company. Having excelled at both over the past 5 years, I believe that I am the perfect match for this position.

As you go through my resume, you will discover that over the past 3 years, I have singlehandedly generated over 5200 leads for new home buyers, 59% of which have been fruitful. My expertise does not end here – I have also been responsible for drawing up contracts from scratch and creating and developing presentations to assist homebuyers in making important decisions.

I am confident that you will not regret talking to me about this position. You can reach me at (000) 025-8541. I will contact you after 6 days to arrange an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Diana Hall

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