Specimen processor is a position pertaining to phlebotomy. The ideal candidate for the position needs to be a highly skilled, well qualified person with a very responsible attitude towards work, since the position deals with human samples. If the position is in clinical settings, it becomes even more important since diagnosis is then dependent on the accuracy of the analysis reports. If you are planning to apply for a specimen processor position and have built a remarkable resume for the purpose, you might consider adding a cover letter to the job application. Even if the employer has not demanded one, a cover letter is an understood formality, serving as an introduction between the candidate and the potential employer.

Following is a sample cover letter for specimen processor resume for your guidance in this regard. You may tailor yours according to the demands of the target employer, following a similar pattern. Beginnings and endings in cover letters are very important, so these must be crafted very smartly.


Specimen Processor Cover Letter Sample


Daniel Marcus
812 Cornell Ave, Campbell, CA 833221
Cellular: (005) 666-7777 | Home: (006) 555-6666
daniel @ email . com

November 14, 2015

Mr. Joshua Philips
Hi tech Laboratories
87 Clovers Sq
Campbell, CA 83322


Dear Mr. Philips:

Going through the classified section of ‘Daily Times’, I came to know about your laboratory’s need of a specimen processor. Your job description instilled great excitement in me since my profile appears to be a perfect fit to the requirements. Therefore, I am formally applying for the position of a specimen processor at Hi Tech labs.

Following are some highlights of my qualifications against your demands:

● Demonstrated skills in preparing sample drawing, labeling and preparation for analysis

● Track record of generating reports timely and accurately

● Knowledgeable of usage guidelines of chemical and clinical labs computerized client databases

● Well-versed with infection prevention IP and sanitation policies

My resume is enclosed for your review and consideration. I work best when I have a better idea of my employer’s expectations. May I suggest an interview meeting to discuss the role further? I shall call your office next week to answer any queries regarding my qualifications. Please feel free to contact me at the above numbers to schedule an interview meeting at your date and time of convenience.

Thank you for your time.



Daniel Marcus

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