Hospital Porter Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 26, 2021

Hospital porters are required to cart patients to appointments and procedure rooms.

Working at this position, you may be expected to assist them onto trolleys or wheelchairs and ensure that they are transferred to the right room and in time for their appointments.

As a hospital porter, you will be required to perform a lot of supportive and cleaning tasks in a healthcare facility.

Once you have decided that this is the position that you want to take up, you will have to make sure that your application credentials reflect your ability to meet the demands of the job.

When you start writing a cover letter for this position, you must show a prospective employer that you are compassionate and physically agile enough to haul patients around.

If you like working in a hospital and are physically agile enough to meet the demands of a porter’s job, you may be interested in the following cover letter sample.

Hospital Porter
A good hospital porter cover letter will enhance the chances of your employment.

Hospital Porter Cover Letter Sample

Armand Cole
301 Woodland Drive
Owosso, MI 63799
(000) 000-4110

December 26, 2021

Mr. Jim Cars, on
Manager HR
Owosso National Hospital
377 Reed Road
Owosso, MI 78022

Dear Mr. Carson:

The requirements that you have specified for the Hospital Porter position intrigued me since they directly relate to my career profile. I have diverse experience working as a porter and believe that I am well-equipped to bring my capabilities to Owosso National Hospital.

As indicated in my resume, I feel pride in my work and strive to achieve all the goals of the facility. I am incredibly skilled in collecting and disposing of medical waste and cleaning assigned areas. In addition, I am physically strong which aids me in shifting patients from their beds to trolleys and wheelchairs. While I do not believe in merely chatting up patients, I do believe that engaging them in conversation puts them at ease especially when they are in the process of undergoing a medical procedure.

Furthermore, I am well-acquainted with the safety protocols that need to be followed when managing hazardous materials.

I am positive that I have much more abilities to deliver and would like to provide the hospital with the benefit of my capabilities and expertise. I look forward to the opportunity of working with your hospital and discussing this position with you in detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Armand Cole
(000) 000-4110