Top 6 Police Chief Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: November 11, 2020

As a sentence fragment outlining the job seeker’s idealization of an available position, the objective statement is an important part of a police chief resume.

A resume objective should draw a direct parallel between the applicant’s training and experience and the generalized requirements of the available position.

Each resume objective that you write needs to be particular to the police chief position. Generalized/generic resume objectives are not looked at with a lot of interest.

Take a look at the 6+ perfect objectives examples of a police chief given below. These samples will give you a better idea of what and how to write.

Sample Objectives for Police Chief Resume

1. Top-performing law enforcement professional seeking a position as a Police Chief with the City of Livermore. Bringing 20+ years’ progressive experience in planning and implementing policing functions and ensuring that the department follows them to the tee.

2. Self-motivated, successful professional looking for a Police Chief position at the Town of Cary. Offers expertise in planning, coordinating, supervising, and evaluating police departments to ensure the smooth running of operations.

3. Desire to contribute as a Police Chief at the City of Selma. Offering hands-on experience in developing policies and procedures mandated by law in a bid to ensure efficient operations of the department.

4. To work for the Department of Veteran Affairs as a Police Chief applying skills in planning and implementing law enforcement programs to efficiently carry out the policies and goals of the city council.

5. To secure a police chief position at the Village of Pinecrest. Expert in reviewing evidence, witnesses, and suspects in criminal cases and ensuring that all aspects of cases are properly correlated.

6. Seeking a Police Chief position with the City of Davenport utilizing proficiency in directing the development and maintenance of policing systems and records aimed at providing roper evaluation and control of the police department operations.