Top 5 Police Lieutenant Resume Objective Examples

Updated: January 7, 2022

A police lieutenant’s resume cannot be complete without an objective statement.

In fact, the objective holds the key to your success. A hiring manager is sure to read the entire resume if the objective is well-written.

For a police lieutenant position, the resume objective should focus on your knowledge of, and ability to handle a particular area or department, such as operations or administration. If you possess skills in more than one area, mention it.

It is important to note that resume objectives need to be short but sweet. As in, they must not ramble, but still, be able to say what is important.

Since the work of a police lieutenant is quite complicated and challenging, one has to show that one is ready for it – through the resume objective.

Resumes are often tricky to navigate because of their length. This makes them boring. However, a well-developed objective will automatically make the resume an interesting read.

Here are some examples of resume objectives for a police lieutenant position:

5 Sample Objectives for Police Lieutenant Resume

1. Seeking a position as a Police Lieutenant at the office of the City of Reno. Bringing exceptional skills in overseeing the assignment of officers, and inspecting the performance to provide technical direction and informally resolve personnel problems. Expert in preparing status and information reports about department status and activities.

2. Looking for a Police Lieutenant position at San Diego Community College District. Enthusiastic to implement excellent skills in reviewing reports, and crime data, in order to prepare departmental briefs. Proven ability to evaluate the adequacy of law enforcement measures, and planning long and short-range activities.

3. Passionate Police Lieutenant poised to work for Moraine Valley Community College. Offering the ability to reallocate resources, prepare cases, and attend professional conferences. Deeply familiar with implementing public education programs related to security issues.

4. To work as a Police Lieutenant at the office of the State of Michigan. Eager to apply my exceptional proficiencies in efficiently responding to scenes of crime or accident, and interviewing suspects and victims. Unmatched ability to monitor suspicious activities of ongoing crimes, and intervening in problematic issues, such as attacks, or acts of vandalism.

5. To obtain a position as a Police Lieutenant at the office of the City of Meadows Palace. Offering 8+ years of experience in performing criminal, as well as non-criminal investigations to ensure proper actions. Deeply familiar with supervising officers, aimed at ensuring that they perform their work duties according to protocols.

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