Front of House Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: October 15, 2016


Your resume writing efforts will never go to waste if your research is solid.

Researching the front of house manager position with a specific company thoroughly will automatically result in you writing a resume that correlates with its mission and vision.

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Front of House Manager Resume Sample


Janice Kepler

20 Bennie Lane | Lake Charles, LA 12366 | (000) 964-4585 | jankep @ email . com


Committed to providing exceptional leadership to ensure customer satisfaction and increased business opportunities.

Performance Summary

Customer service-oriented Front of House Manager with a proven track record of providing exceptional services in a hospitality environment. Special talent for monitoring and setting the direction of the restaurant’s day to day operations, providing ideas for business growth, driving sales and managing costs effectively. Highly experienced in managing a team of front of house staff, including scheduling, training and general supervision. A competent and dependable individual who has excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.


• Operations Coordination • Patrons Safety • Recruitment & Staffing
• Dispute Handling • Seat Controlling • Leadership
• Bar Management • Waiting List Management • Reservation Support
• New Staff Orientation • Equipment Set-up • Ingress Monitoring

• Increased the restaurant’s business by 55% within 3 months of being hired, owing to extensive assistance with marketing initiatives
• Received accolades for zero complaints from patrons between the years 2013 and 2016
• Devised an effective way of handling peak time seating arrangements, decreasing the number of people waiting for their tables
• Introduced a novel reservation system which provided alerts to clients through an SMS, 24 hours before their reservation time


Front of House Manager
Big Fish Restaurant, Lake Charles, LA | 6/2012 – Present

• Evaluate the restaurant’s need for front of house activities and ensure that all stations are filled
• Handle reservations and waiting lists in a manner conducive to good customer services
• Support and motivate staff members on a regular basis to ensure that they perform well
• Assist customers in finding their choice of seats and coordinate food ordering and delivery metrics in a profound manner
• Ascertain that all waiters and servers are positioned in their appropriate areas and gauge the need for additional staff members
• Assist staff members in performing their work, especially during peak hours or holidays
• Monitor and reinforce food safety procedures and screen inventory levels on a constant basis
• Manage and maintain safe working conditions for all restaurant workers and customers by ensuring that safety procedures and protocols are adhered to

Head Waiter
Palace Cafe, Lake Charles, LA| 2/2009 – 5/2012

• Coordinated the activities of waiters and servers to ensure delivery of food and beverage services in a timely manner
• Presented menus to customers and provided assistance in choosing items according to specific tastes
• Suggested beverages such as wine, juices and smoothies according to the food items ordered
• Ascertained that orders were expedited and maintained portion control according to set protocols
• Coordinated the efforts of wait and custodial staff to ensure that all restaurant areas, including tables, chairs and counters are kept clean and sanitized

Lake Charles High School, Lake Charles, LA – 2009
High School Diploma