Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter Example

Updated on: July 17, 2019

After building a top notch resume for a pharmaceutical sales representative position, neglecting your cover letter is a serious mistake and can cost you a golden job opportunity.

To complement your resume, you need to build an equally impressive cover letter that will ensure the employer has a serious look at your accompanying resume.


How to Write a Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter?

An effective cover letter for pharmaceutical sales position:

• Addresses the concerned person directly
• Speaks to the company’s current needs and requirements
• Clearly states the value that will be added by hiring the candidate
• Demonstrates some knowledge regarding the firm
• Communicates genuine interest and enthusiasm about the opportunity

Have a look at the well written cover letter example given below.



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Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter Example


Patrick Joel
890 Unicorn Ave, Madison, WI 78002 
(004) 555-3333
patrick . joel @ email . com

July 17, 2019

Mr. George Carter
HR Manager
920 Industrial Arcade
Madison, WI 38009


Dear Mr. Carter:

It is with great interest that I respond to your advertisement for the pharmaceutical sales representative position at AMGEN. I believe that my experience and skills are a perfect match for the position and I would appreciate a careful consideration of my credentials presented below along with my enclosed detailed resume.

As my resume will also indicate I bring 6+ years of experience as a pharmaceutical sales representative. During the course of my career I have earned numerous highly profitable professional accomplishments to my credit which are also detailed in my resume. Over the past few years I have consistently proven my ability to enhance sales by developing and maintaining productive and positive customer relationships. My past employers recognize me well for the following strengths:

✔ Track record of consistently enhancing overall sales building upon referral client base and cold calling.

✔ Excellent team player and coach, expert in setting and achieving periodic team and individual sales targets.

✔ Analytically aggressive individual, proficient in designing and implementing effective sales strategies leading to direct revenue generation and turnout magnification.

✔ Delivering of high level customer services and client relationship building.

Furthermore, I am able to identify market needs and deciding upon the appropriate sales strategies that has backed my success as a pharmaceutical sales representative. I can’t wait to join your dedicated pharmaceutical sales team and start contributing positively to your company’s success.

I’d like to see you in an interview to demonstrate my pertinent skills further. Call me now at (004) 555-3333 to communicate a suitable date and time. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Patrick Joel

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