Convention Worker Job Description

A convention worker’s role falls under the broader category of event planners. He or she is expected to plan and organize conventions and other such events. On the surface, it seems as if the work involves setting up and tearing down events, but there is a lot more than it includes. For instance, a convention… Read More »

Asphalt Paving Skills

There is little chance of an asphalt paver to be hired if he or she isn’t skilled. And there is no way for a hiring manager to find out that an individual is skilled unless it is mentioned specifically in an asphalt paving cover letter or resume. When writing either for these documents, it is… Read More »

Film Crew Resume No Experience

There are many jobs that you can apply for in a film crew. If you are at the entry level and have not yet decided what it is that you need to do, you should probably start at the very beginning – as a grip. And your resume for a grip position must show how… Read More »

Film Crew Cover Letter No Experience

When writing a cover letter for a film crew position when you haven’t had experience for it, make sure that you focus on what is important. At this level, your experience is not something that the hiring manager is interested in. However, your skills are. So you need to build upon them. Even if you… Read More »

Employment Specialist Objective & Summary

A resume for an employment specialist position must never start without an objective or a summary. Both these sections provide a way for hiring managers to gauge the applicant’s abilities as a possible employee. Depending on what specific experience you have, you must choose at least one to grace the beginning of your resume. As… Read More »

Robotics Technician Cover Letter

Robotics Technician Cover Letter Writing Tips A robotics technician cover letter should focus on your knowledge of inspecting and fixing robotic systems. Modifying computer-controlled robot movements is an ability that you can specifically highlight in your cover letter. As a robotics technician, your cover letter should highlight all that you are capable of doing. For… Read More »

Journalism Resume No Experience

Journalism is a fascinating field. And if you are an aspiring journalist, you will need to make your resume talk about your inherent interest in the work. As an entry level candidate for journalism position, your resume should highlight what your abilities are, and how you intend to use them to benefit a company. A… Read More »

General Warehouse Laborer Resume

General Warehouse Laborer Resume Writing Tips Writing a resume for a general warehouse laborer is not such a big deal unless you lack information. Typically, a warehouse laborer will need to highlight his or her knowledge of picking and packing duties. When writing a general warehouse laborer resume, make sure that you highlight your ability… Read More »

General Warehouse Laborer Cover Letter

General warehouse laborers do many important things, which is why it is important to write a good cover letter to apply for this job. However, good cover letters are hard to come by. That is why it is difficult for recruiters to find the right type of people to hire.   General Warehouse Laborer Cover… Read More »

General Warehouse Laborer Job Description

Position Overview A general warehouse laborer performs many duties inside a warehouse, such as picking, packing, and shipment. .He or she is expected to be a jack of all trades.   Position Requirements. Working as a general warehouse worker does not need more than a high school diploma. However, knowledge of warehouse tasks is important.… Read More »