You may think otherwise, but a resume is your most potent tool to reach the interview stage. Paying great attention to your resume automatically translates into winning hiring situations. Here is a format to help you:   Related: Recreation Officer Cover Letter Sample       Recreation Officer Resume Sample     Henry Fudd 911 […]

Position Overview Recreation officers are hired by facilities that offer services such as sports, camping, adventure trips and games. These individuals are basically required to provide guidance to participants so that they perform their activities as per protocol and regulations. Typically, a recreation officer is the first point of contact for participants who have enrolled […]

To many, it seems as if one interview is very much the same as another. In actuality, all interviews have distinctive features. It is up to an interviewee to make sure that these are taken into account before actually appearing for an interview. What makes each interview different is the organization behind it. Different companies […]

Going through one cover letter is pretty much similar to going through others – that is, if you do not bother making your cover letter of the standout quality. It is true that for someone who has written many cover letters over time, it may be a bit difficult to write one that is a […]

There are a dozen ways of writing a cover letter, and none of them can be called incorrect. A cover letter is a very personal thing – each job seeker writes his or her own, in his or her own way. This is fine, as long as the cover letter in question is written in […]

Overview Knowing the difference between job duties and achievements is very important, especially before you write a resume. Since both these sections (job duties and achievements or accomplishments) need to be part of the resume, it is imperative to draw a line where one ends and the other begins. What is the difference? The difference […]

Overview Resumes can backfire as easily as they can be successful. Making sure that your resume is spot on with what a hiring manager expects to see in it is imperative. Here is a sample to help you: Related: Cover Letter for Mental Health Counselor Resume         Mental Health Counselor Resume Sample […]