An interview is the last stage in the airline pilot job hunt process, and this stage decides if all the effort and time that you put into creating and submitting your resume and cover letter to the right person, was worth it after all. Not taking the interview process seriously means that you are denying […]

Knowing yourself and the employer is crucial to writing a cover letter that reaches where it should. Once you know what you are capable of, you can easily put this information into a cover letter and it will automatically “communicate” with the hiring authority. Do a thorough self-analysis to determine what your inner strengths are, […]

It is important to place information of one’s accomplishments in both resumes and cover letters. Prospective employers relate well with applicants who have achieved something big in their professional lives, making them look forward to a time when the same will be replicated in their organizations. Just some time ago, placing accomplishments in your resume […]

Getting your hands dirty when attempting to write a community assistant resume is what will take you a step closer to success in becoming the hiring manager’s favorite. By this, we mean that delving deep into what you have to offer, and making sure that you articulate this information in a resume is imperative.   […]

Sending a resume is no big deal. But creating one that is well-placed and informative is. Whether you are writing a recreation assistant resume from scratch or updating an existing one, you have to make sure that the data which you have provided in it is exactly what the hiring manager is looking for.   […]

Think of resume summaries as extended versions of objectives. They both serve the same purpose but are used in different circumstances. You would want to use a resume summary when you are applying for a customer service position for which you have had loads of experience. This way, you have the leeway of writing a […]

You may have seen a dozen or so resumes that do not begin with an objective. How do they make you feel? If “uncomfortable” is your answer, then you will know exactly why we have bothered to write what we are writing now! Resumes that do not host objectives are incomplete, which is why one […]