Computer Support Specialist Skills for Resume

Skilled computer support specialists make it big in the job world. But, in order to tell the hiring manager that you are a skilled individual, you must fill in the skills section properly. Here, you get a chance to talk about your information technology skills at great length.   The problem with most skills statements… Read More »

Entry Level Biotechnology Technician Resume No Experience

Biotechnology technicians are all the rage nowadays, with expected job growth of 13% till 2026. If you have recently obtained a degree in biotechnology, it is time to write a compelling resume and cover letter. There are plenty of opportunities out there. In order to land a job, you will need to focus on the resume… Read More »

Entry Level Biotechnology Technician Cover Letter No Experience

At the entry-level, writing a winning cover letter and resume for a biotechnology technician position is challenging. But it is doable. At this position, you will be working in a Biotechnology support capacity. Therefore, you have to show the hiring manager that you are capable enough for the position, by mentioning your skills and knowledge.… Read More »

Computer Support Specialist Cover Letter Sample

A computer support specialist needs to write a cover letter that shows him as the best possible candidate out of the pool. This is easy if you know the work, and have written cover letters before.   Since Computer Support Specialist cover letters are mainly about an individual’s skills and abilities, they need to focus… Read More »

6 Computer Support Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

When you apply for a computer support specialist position, you have to focus a little on the future, that is, the interview time. For this, you need to practice well in advance. Going through possible questions (and answers) that you may be asked at the interview is a great way of eventually acing it.  … Read More »

ESL Instructor Cover Letter Sample

Teaching English as a second language is no easy work. But if you are a trained ESL instructor, you can effectively handle the challenges associated with it. The problem is that a hiring manager won’t know how skilled you are as an ESL instructor unless you tell him or her. And the best way to… Read More »

ESL Instructor Resume Sample

There are several ways in which you can write a resume to apply for an ESL instructor position. Choosing the right format is vital to the success of your resume. In it, mention why you feel that you are the best at what you do.   In your ESL instructor’s resume, focus on your offerings.… Read More »

ESL Instructor Job Description and Duties for Resume

Position Overview Globalization has great benefits, one of which is the people from different backgrounds and with diverse skills can get together and work towards a common goal. However, language issues can put a damper on an individual’s work abilities. This is why it is important for foreign students to learn English as a second… Read More »

Short and Sweet Thank You Letter After Interview Sample

It always pays to be polite. And it pays, even more, to be polite to a prospective employer. Once you have been through the interview process, it is a good idea to write a short and sweet thank you letter. This way, you will be able to connect with the prospective employer once more.  … Read More »