Referral Clerk Job Description for Resume

Position Overview A referral clerk is an individual who ensures that all doctors’ referrals and scheduling work is properly handled. These people usually work in hospitals and private practices, where their main work is to ensure that charts are timely prepared, authorizations are obtained, and patients’ appointments are scheduled. A referral clerk mans the telephone… Read More »

Referral Clerk Resume Sample

Writing a resume is something that all of us have done at some point in our lives. But there may have been times when your resume was not up to the mark. To make sure that it is the next time around, go through the following sample:       Referral Clerk Resume Example  … Read More »

Referral Clerk Cover Letter Sample

There are many different ways that people adapt to create cover letters, but not all of them are well-received. To make sure that yours is, you have to be careful of what the procedure involves. Everyone can write a cover letter, but not everyone can write one that is in sync with the requirements of… Read More »

Camp Host Job Description

Position Overview A camp host is an individual who has the responsibility of providing one on one services to visitors, and camp participants. These people usually work in dedicated camps, where their main duty is to make sure that campgrounds are maintained properly, and that activities are handled in a profound manner. Many people begin… Read More »

Furniture Carpenter Duties and Responsibilities

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone who can make a piece of furniture, exactly the way you want it? A furniture carpenter can do that. A furniture carpenter may work with an organization that deals in furniture making – especially made to order projects – or in an independent capacity. The main work of… Read More »

Aquarist Job Description for Resume

Position Overview If you have an inherent love for marine life, picking up a career as an aquarist may be just what the doctor ordered. Aquarists work in facilities such as aquariums, and theme parks, where their primary duty is to make sure that marine life, especially fish, is well taken care of. The work… Read More »

Landscaping and Lawn Care Job Description

Position Overview A landscaper is hired in both an individual capacity, and through a facility that offers these services. Working as a landscaping and lawn care worker requires you to be knowledgeable about the work, and the several ways in which you can perform it, keeping aesthetics in mind. In this role, you will be… Read More »

Store Salesperson Cover Letter Sample

A watery cover letter gathers no interviews. Making sure that your cover letter is solid is very important. Putting the information of your past experiences won’t do, as hiring managers seldom pick up cover letters in hopes of finding out what your previous experience was – that they can find in the resume. Through the… Read More »

Store Salesperson Job Description for Resume

Position Overview A store salesman works in a retail capacity, where his or her job is to make sure that customers are served according to the policies of the company, making way for additional business opportunities. Customer contact is the main work of a person working at this position, which is why it is important… Read More »

Aquarist Resume Sample

Taking a first look at a resume, a hiring manager often decides if he or she wants to call the person for an interview. If you want your resume to impress, emulate the following one:         Aquarist Resume Example     Hannah Robinson 87 Cool Road, Hartford, CT 46802 (000) 999-9999 [Email]… Read More »