Domestic Engineer Skills for Resume

Who says stay-at-home parents waste their time? In fact, stay-at home-parents or domestic engineers are as skilled (sometimes far more) than a person who works 9 to 5.   Working in this capacity means that you are on your toes from sunrise to sunset. And that is not an easy feat. Many domestic engineers acquire… Read More »

Domestic Engineer Resume Sample

On the surface, the work of a domestic engineer seems simple enough. How much work can housework be? In actuality, housework dynamics can be quite tricky. In fact, they are often more tiring and challenging because one is working consistently.   If you are applying for a position, and the only experience that you have… Read More »

Domestic Engineer Cover Letter Sample

A domestic engineer’s work is difficult because he or she has to be on their toes at all times. There are no set working hours. If you want to apply for a position where you feel that your domestic skills will come in handy, it is best to convince the hiring manager that you are… Read More »

Video Game Designer Resume Objective Examples

Your main aim when writing a resume for a video game designer position should be how you handle the resume objective. Why is this important? Well, for starters, it is the beginning of your most important job application document. Then, it sets the tone and pace of the rest of the document.   In a… Read More »

Game Designer Resume Sample

A career in game designing can take you great places – as long as your resume is spot on. Since this is the first step in obtaining a position, it is important to write a resume that the hiring manager can relate to.   Writing a video game designer resume will require you to have… Read More »

Game Designer Cover Letter Sample

What fun must it be to work as a video game designer! But it is a lot of hard work too. You have to convince the hiring manager that you are the most creative game designer that he or she will meet. This can be done quite effectively through a cover letter.   When you… Read More »

Sailor Resume Sample

Fun is probably a small work to describe a sailor’s work. Apart from it being fun, it is a lot of hard work. The fact that you are ready to deliver the best in this arena needs to be communicated to the hiring manager – through a resume.   If you have worked in this… Read More »

Sailor Cover Letter Sample

Working as a sailor is a great way of seeing the world, coast to coast. But the hard work associated with it cannot be overlooked. That is why hiring managers like to see cover letters which show that applicants are ready to do the job.   When applying for a sailor position, make sure that… Read More »

Graphic Designer Cover Letter No Experience

You are applying for a graphic designer position but you have no experience in hand. This situation can put a damper on your feelings. The good news is that there is no need to worry. If you know the work, you can easily put it in your cover letter that you are capable of handling… Read More »

Graphic Designer Resume No Experience

Graphic designing is mainly about skills. So, no experience in this area does not necessarily mean no job opportunities. However, a degree in graphic design will take you a long way. Applying for an entry-level graphic designer position can seem a bit overwhelming, simply because you haven’t done it before. No need to worry.  … Read More »