Unarmed Security Guard Job Description

Position Overview An unarmed security guard is hired in many capacities depending on the specific requirements of an organization. The only difference between an armed and an unarmed security guard is that the former is trained in using guns, while the latter may or may not be. However, both these roles are responsible for the… Read More »

Unarmed Security Guard Interview Questions and Answers

All the effort and time that you have put into writing your resume and cover letter will be further tested at the interview stage. This stage is difficult in the sense that you have to ace it while sitting in front of the person who has the deciding power to hire you – or reject… Read More »

Safety Watch Resume Sample

Overview Every resume that you write needs to be exceptionally well-written from all angles. The following sample will tell you which sections you can use to make your resume a good read:       Safety Watch Resume Example       Raymond Lewis 5 South Lane, Moore, OK 10473 (000) 325-2541 [Email] SAFETY WATCH… Read More »

Safety Watch Cover Letter Sample

Overview There are many different ways of writing a safety watch cover letter. Sometimes what one wants to communicate gets lost because one is concentrating on the various letter-writing ways. The trick is to keep on top of the game. Make sure that you write your cover letter in a manner which is acceptable to… Read More »

Chaperone Resume Sample

Overview A chaperone resume is a great avenue to get the point across that you are an excellent choice for a Chaperone job. And the best way that you can do this is by following a resume sample like the one provided below:       Chaperone Resume Example     Tara Grey 177 Green… Read More »

Chaperone Cover Letter Sample

Overview Chaperone Cover letter writing is easy if you keep a few things in mind. The content matters. So does your ability to articulate that your skills are “usable” for a hiring manager. If you can successfully do these two things, your cover letter has a great future. And your future is great too. The… Read More »

Chaperone Job Description

Position Overview A chaperone may be hired in a personal capacity, or through an agency. The work of a chaperone is to ensure that children and young adults are provided with care and assistance, while they are at an event, or away from home. The main idea behind hiring a chaperone is to make sure… Read More »

Gas Station Shift Leader Job Description

Position Overview A gas station shift leader, or a gas station manager is an individual who makes sure that all people working at a gas station are correctly performing their work. These people are required to direct gas station employees to make sure that they work according to schedules, and protocols established by the organization.… Read More »

Environmental Service Worker Resume Sample

If you want to apply for an environmental service worker job, then you should know how to write an attractive resume for this position. Your resume should elicit just the right amount of information – not too much, and not too little. Just like the following one does:       Sample Resume for Environmental… Read More »

Environmental Service Worker Cover Letter Sample

There are several tools that you can use to let hiring authorities know that you are a top of the list where candidature for a position is concerned. But the best way to do this is through a cover letter. Your cover letter is a potent tool that allows you to say a lot, and… Read More »