Position Overview A research and development manager is hired primarily to provide an organization with assistance in developing and implementing research and development strategies and policies. The work of an individual working at this position is quite complex, as there is a lot that he or she has to look out for. Challenges are an […]

Position Overview Typically, geophysicists study the physical aspects of the earth, through use of a wide range of methods such as gravity, magnetics, electrical and seismic. Usually, a geophysicist is hired in the oil and gas industry, although there are many opportunities in construction, mining, environmental and water companies as well. Furthermore, it is imperative […]

Writing a cover letter may not be considered a great entertainment activity, but it is something that one has to do if acquiring a job is one’s main goal. Without the benefit of a cover letter, there is very little chance that you will be able to reach out to a hiring manager who is […]

Cover letter writing never comes with a handbook. It needs to be handled with kids’ gloves. What exactly does this mean? This means that each cover letter that you write must provide the hiring manager with something to base his or her hiring decisions on. If what you have written in a cover letter does […]

Cover letters of today are nothing like the cover letters of the last decade. So much has changed – with greater competition out there and the ever-increasing demands of employers for the perfect employee, the basic elements of a cover letter have changed dramatically over the years. And we all have to keep up. It […]

How would it look if your resume is sent in without an objective sitting at the top? Not too good. An objective is not used just so that it looks pretty on a chemist resume. It has a certain purpose, which is to make sure that whatever it is that you have written in your […]

When you are preparing to write a Chemist resume, always keep a list of your skills handy, as they will help you in a lot of areas within the resume. Your skills come everywhere – if you are aware of how skilled you are, or how well you have polished your skills over the years, […]