Packaging Operator Resume Sample

Updated on March 25, 2019


A Packaging Operator Resume needs to be well written; there is no other way for a candidate to be selected for an interview.

If the resume is not of good standard, then the employer has no reason to select you for an interview.


We believe that every candidate deserves to make it to at least the interview that is why we have this resume example and this Packaging Operator Cover Letter that will help you create a good one for yourself.

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Packaging Operator Resume Example



Bruce Campbell
587 South Street – New York, NY 10221
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Over 12 years of experience working as packaging and filling machine Operator. Highly skilled in managing machine operations to bring packaged materials to conformed standards. Successful track record in maintaining and regulating machine flow, speed and temperature, and determining items ready for packaging and disposing of rejected ones. Well-versed in restoring and fixing machines in case of malfunctions.

  • Adaptability and teamwork
  • Results Driven
  • Proactive approach
  • Excellent physical stamina
  • Introduced “Safety First”, a unique procedure of handling dangerous machinery based on standards that every employee needs to follow.
  • Attained the Operator of the month award thrice.

Packaging Operator
ABC Company, New York, NY         March 2009 – Present

  • Perform operations on machinery for filling and packaging items.
  • Adjust machine temperatures and pressure according to item types.
  • Regulate the machine flow.
  • Reset machines in the event of errors along with fixing them if a malfunction occurs.
  • Complete and document specified operator reports.
  • Clean and sanitize machine and surrounding area clean.
  • Assist supervisor with machine setup and changeovers.
  • Comply with the Health and Safety and Personnel Hygiene policies.

Packaging Operator
UTY LLC, New York, NY        July 2006 – Mar 2009

  • Identified and removed damaged packages from the assembly line.
  • Weighted and inspected products to ensure they conform to standards.
  • Monitored production line and fixed problems occur due to pile-ups and jams.
  • Attached identification labels to make them ready for shipping.

High School Diploma
New York High School, New York, NY

  • Sound Judgment
  • Decision making
  • Tasks prioritization
  • Able to work on tight deadlines
  • Instructions interpretation
  • Communication

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