Machine Operator Resume Example

Updated March 10, 2022
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Have you ever wondered how the knob of your oven or your door handle was made?

All these things are made by machine operators who do more than just make oven knobs and door handles. They set up machines so that they can be used to manufacture parts and units.

They also inspect machines for damage and ensure both general and preventative maintenance.

How to Write a Great Resume for Machine Operator Job?

Resumes written for skilled labor need reliable information on the applicant’s ability to perform assigned operations.

For instance, a machine operator may not have degrees to get a job, but, needs to possess technical skills that may be more important for an employer.

That is why it is important to highlight these skills, especially when writing a resume for a position such as this.

Here is an example for you to get ideas from:

Machine Operator Resume Sample

Curt Bacon         
[email protected]

4678 Harold Boulevard
Liberal, KS 77390
(000) 999-9219


• Self-motivated and team-oriented machine operator with 12+ years experience in high-speed production environments.
• Extremely passionate about managing machine operations, with a keen interest in embodying professionalism and laser-like focus on delivering accurate results.
• Adept at using and maintaining packaging equipment.
• Proven ability to perform repetitive work quickly and flawlessly.
• In-depth knowledge of safety practices and hazards related to machine operations.


Machine Operator
Maxwell Technologies, Liberal, KS                                           
2012 – Present
• Set up machinery and assembly stations
• Plan and assign work tasks to meet production goals efficiently
• Perform general and preventative machine maintenance tasks
• Perform limited quality control checks as directed
• Ensure that all machines are in perfect working orders at all times
• Clean and maintain work areas as directed
Key Achievements
• Organized the quality control procedure by making checklists of all maintenance work to be carried out post-shifts
• Trained new hires as machine operators and mentored apprentices to perform effective machine operation procedures

Mechanic Operator Apprentice
Con-way – Atlanta, GA                                                     
2011 – 2012
• Assisted machine operator by handing tools
• Assisted in repairing machines as instructed
• Cleared and cleaned work areas
• Kept equipment clean and in an organized manner
• Loaded raw materials on to machines as guided
Key Achievements
• Attained senior apprentice position within three months
• Key content contributor for Machine Operations Made Easy booklet published primarily for new hires

Atlanta High School,  Atlanta, GA  

• Knowledge of using motorized machines
• Ability read and comprehend written instructions
• Understanding of basic mathematical principles and use of mechanical tools
• Efficient communication skills