Top 5 Esthetician Resume Objective Example

Updated on: November 21, 2020
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People spend a lot of money and time making themselves look physically appealing. Exercise, yoga, and skin treatments are famous avenues to achieve beauty and people pay thousands of dollars a year for these.

As more people are becoming aware of the different ways that cosmetology helps them maintain healthy and happy looking skin, the need for estheticians has increased.

Technically, estheticians are skincare specialists who specialize in the beautification of their clients’ skins. They are trained professionals who have in-depth knowledge of performing various skincare regimens to enhance the beauty of the skin or to handle skin diseases.

Cosmetologists and estheticians are usually confused as being the same; a cosmetologist performs procedures such as managing nails and hair and limited skincare procedures while an esthetician performs more advanced skincare procedures.

5 Sample Objectives for Esthetician Resume

1. Top-performing Esthetician seeking a position with Vanity. Offering skills in makeup application and facials to provide exceptional skincare solutions to clients.

2. Looking for a position as an Esthetician with Life Spa using expertise in cosmetic procedures to ensure guests’ skin health and appearance.

3. Seeking a position as an Esthetician for Salon Services where extensive knowledge of managing chronic skincare conditions by applying cosmetic procedures will be fully utilized to deliver excellence in quality services in a friendly and efficient manner.

4. To work as an Esthetician for Bumbles where skills in providing skincare treatments following the individual client’s needs could be utilized to manage effective skin care.

5. To obtain employment as an Esthetician at Belleza, leveraging expertise in facial massage and skin extraction techniques to achieve the targets of client satisfaction.