Top 23 Esthetician Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: March 10, 2022

An Esthetician who wants to apply for a new job will need to write a resume.

In order to write a great esthetician resume that attracts the hiring manager, you will need to start your resume with an objective statement.

Since an objective statement creates the direction of the resume, it is imperative to mention your core skills and passion to work for the employer in the objective statement.

Here are 23 examples of resume objectives for an esthetician position that you can take ideas from:

23 Best Sample Objectives for Esthetician Resume

Experienced Esthetician Resume Objective Examples

1. Top-performing Esthetician with South Carolina Esthetics License and 7 years of first-hand skincare experience. Seeking employment at ABC Company, utilizing skills in makeup application, waxing, and facials to provide exceptional skincare solutions to clients.

2. To secure a challenging role as an Esthetician at Kohler. Bringing 6+ years of hands-on experience in determining clients’ specific beauty needs, and providing them with correlating services to make a difference in people’s lives, every single day.

3. Uniquely qualified Esthetician with over 4 years of experience and dedication to helping people take care of their skin. Looking to apply my skills in providing exceptional skin care services to clients, with a special focus on service quality.

4. To work as an Esthetician at Marriot International where my beauty advice, skincare, and process implementation skills will be used for the success of the organization.

5. Competent Esthetician with 10+ years of experience in suggesting the right beauty regimes to clients. Hoping to secure a position at ABC Company where I can apply my diverse skills in the skincare arena, aiming at successful client satisfaction metrics.

6. Looking for a position as an Esthetician with Life Spa where my expertise in cosmetic procedures will be fully utilized to ensure guests’ skin health and appearance.

7. Uniquely qualified Esthetician, with specialized skills in providing beautification services, obtained through years of training and work in the skincare arena. Enthusiastic to work for ABC Company, where I will be able to effectively apply my expertise to increase client base.

8. To work as an Esthetician for Bumbles. Energetic to use my skills in providing skincare treatments following the individual client’s needs to provide effective skincare solutions.

9. To obtain employment as an Esthetician at Belleza. Bringing 5+ years of experience in facial massage and skin extraction techniques to achieve the targets of client satisfaction.

10. Esthetician, with exceptional talents in providing beauty and grooming services to clients. Eager to work for Vid Salon to effectively perform consultation, and administration of services, fully focusing on quality services.

11. Top-performing Esthetician with a verifiable track record of successfully building solid client bases, and providing high-quality skincare services. Excited to work for ABC Company to bring repeat business and enhance profits.

12. Focused and diligent individual, Interested in working as an Esthetician with ABC Company where my solid background in the skincare arena can be used to deliver topnotch esthetician services.

13. To apply my 8+ years of experience in the esthetics field to provide top services to clients at Koocher.

14. Results-driven Esthetician, with 9 years of experience in developing clients’ requests for esthetic services provision, seeking a job at Culture References. Poised to work in an environment that allows growth and development, through consistency of high-quality beauty services.

15. Very interested in working as an Esthetician with Four Seasons, applying my creative skills in providing the best skincare service to clients, while maintaining their privacy. Attentive to clients’ individual needs, and completely focused on minimizing complaints, and dissatisfaction.

16. Focused and diligent individual, with over 16 years of experience providing excellent skincare services, looking for a role as an Esthetician at Columbia Hospitality. Poised to provide superior customer service to existing clients, as well as performing processes to further build client base.

17. Organized and driven individual, with vast Esthetician experience across many boards, currently looking for a position at Ramada Intensive. Hoping to serve as a high-end esthetician, completely targeted at providing high-quality services to clients in a continuous manner.

18. Dedicated and experienced Esthetician, with proven success in building clients’ confidence to ensure repeat business opportunities. Exceptionally talented in performing professional processes based on clients’ suggestions, and esthetics comprehension.

19. Accomplished individual, boasting 7 years of experience in an Esthetician role. Bringing excellence to Paige Services in delivering quality beauty services to clients, based on their individual requirements, and well as their specific skin and body types.

Entry Level Esthetician Resume Objective Examples

20. Forward-thinking Esthetician with a strong work ethic, seeking a position as an Esthetician at Salon Services. Bringing extensive knowledge of managing chronic skincare conditions by applying cosmetic procedures to deliver excellence in quality services in a friendly and efficient manner.

21. Exceptionally talented skin care professional, with deep insight into creating beautification plans for clients, based on their individual likings. Enthusiastic to work as an Esthetician for XYZ Company.

22. Passionate and service-oriented Esthetician, hoping to leverage beautician services knowledge to advise clients on skincare, along with home care regimes. Seeking an opportunity with ABC Company to use my skills in a fast-paced work environment, with a complete focus on client satisfaction.

23. To provide administrative and aesthetic insight to ABC Cosmetics, through the implementation of core beauty care programs. Highly knowledgeable about beauty products, and their usage, and completely focused on providing excellence in client services.