Interview Questions and Answers for Machine Operator

Updated on: August 12, 2016


Do you know what kills an interview? Responding in only “yes” or “no”. Some questions that you will be asked may require these one word answers, but it is necessary to elaborate by sharing things about yourself that relate to the position. But make sure that you do not “over-answer” any question – say no more than is necessary.

Some interview questions and answers are provided below for your reference:



Machine Operator Interview Questions and Answers

What are the prime duties of a machine operator in a production arena?
A machine operator begins his day by calibrating and setting assigned machines that are then used for fabrication, manufacturing and assembling products. It is also the duty of a machine operator to maintaining and monitor machines to make sure that they are in proper working order and that any problems are managed on time. Making sure that adequate materials are fed into the machine and that a proper chain of supplies is maintained is also the work of a machine operator.

What specific skills does one need to work as a machine operator?
Typically, a machine operator needs to possess some experience in mixing raw materials and calculating figures and amounts. Knowledge of operating mechanized mixing equipment, ability to follow process orders to add materials in specified quantities and times, and the ability to follow all FDA, GMP and EHS policies and procedures that relate to specific industries is also important.

How do you handle large orders, especially if they need to be done in a specific timeframe?
Usually, a machine operator is given substantial time to produce a batch. In cases where the time isn’t enough, I make sure that I put in extra hours or even an additional shift.

Why don’t you simply speed up the process instead of putting in extra hours?
While speeding up the process is an option, it is not something that should be done, unless more machineries and machine operators are involved. This is because maintaining the quality of the end product is very important. Haste will only make waste. Unless the haste is controlled, which isn’t usually so. So I prefer putting in extra hours instead of hurrying up the process and ending up with products that may not pass the quality test.

As far as repair and maintenance is concerned, what is your role as a machine operator?
Repair and maintenance are two very important duties of a machine operator. It is important to perform periodic preventative maintenance on assigned machineries and handle small repairs too, so that the machine does not break down in the middle of a process.

What personal abilities does one need in order to work as a machine operator?
The first personal ability that one needs is physical strength. One has to lift, carry and move heavy objects which is why physical dexterity is important. Communication skills and the ability to get along with others is also important as one has to work in a team environment.